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Monday, February 1, 2016

More Than Dozen Girls Got Pregnant After Swimming In a Pool In Florida

In the American State Florida 16 girls aging from 13 to 17 years got pregnant when they enjoyed swimming in a pool during a birthday party. This caused because a young boy Tomi Karter, who was without swimming suit during swimming discharged his semen in the swimming pool without informing the guests. The boy said he had no sex with any girl, and he was ready to get medically checked up. Lady doctor Yama Suzu of Talahisi Health Care hospital said the boy was suffering from 'super marfotex' in which semen germs get highly powerful. She said clinical tests showed that the semen of the people suffering from super marfotex are one thousand times stronger than that of common men. The same type of semen is found in Dolphins, sea bulls and it has unbelievably resistant to water. Fouteen of the pregnant girls got ready to abort while two of them decided to give birth to babies after consulting their families. After the incident the boy got too popular.

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