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Monday, February 29, 2016

Blair's Secret Nights With Rupert Murdoch

his time

Though Blair spent most of his time jetting around Africa and Middle East after leaving office, he made sure he kept up with Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire owner of the News Corporation media group. In 2011, two men met in America- not long after Murdoch made the decision to close the News of the World. Afterwards, Blair teamed up with tycoon's wife Wendi Deng, to make business trips to her Native China.
The following year he visited the attractive 43-year-old twice at her husband's London home. Then that August he was spotted alone with her in Mayfair Club.Next, Blair flew out to see Deng at Murdoch's 1,000 acre home near Carmel in California. She told nothing to Murdoch about Balir's visit instead she said she was staying at the ranch with her girlfriend. In fact her friend had already left when prime minister arrived and Deng had also told some of her staff to make them scarce, while Blair's security staff was quartered in a nearby hotel.

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