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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ufone Watch Makes You To Stay Connected To Your Child

Pakistan's premier telecom operator, is primed to launch a first of its kind product-Uwatch, that will bring will bring parents much needed peace of mind. UWatch keeps the families connected in the way they want to be without the need to buy young child a smartphone. UWatch is wearable mobile watch designed specifically for kids in order for parents to keep in touch with their loved ones. This watch provides two way voice calling functionality, i.e. parents can dial into the watch and also child can dial from the watch to parents' mobile number. Additionally, UWatch also provides real-time location capability via GSM/ GPS positioning so that parents can be aware of their child's location. UWatch is securely controlled by the parents using Uwatch app through a smartphone supporting both Anroid and IOS platforms. Through the app, parents can stay connected with their children throughout the day, right from their own mobile device. Whether it is checking to see your child has made it safely to home from school or calling your child to know he/she is running a few minutes late. The app delivers a connection and peace of mind that every parent desires. With UWatch app parent is always in control. From live monitoring to setting up safe zones, the app provides several ways to customize the UWatch experience for your family. The app can also control who your child can call and can receive calls from. In addition to that, parents can set up Safe Zones to receive notification when your child has ledt or entered certain location. UWatch is a prime example of a very unique and innovative way of keeping families connected. UFone is the first telecom company in Pakistan to launch a breakthrough product like Uwatch that will bring much relief to the parents. The Uwatch will have BVS registered SIM in it through which all the communications will take place. The parent SIM will also be BVS registered and will be used in the mobile phone in which the app will be installed. The Uwatch is now available for purchase from Ufone Service Centres in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

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