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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Some Political Scandals That Took The Media By Storm

Being famous has its perks but also has banes. The major is becoming a hot cake scandal for the media. You will necessarily hit the headlines, if you are a politician. Here are some of the scandals that made day for the media. *- Former president Asif Zardari was rumoured to have second wife and a son Sajawal living in Dubai. *- One of the Pakistan's oddest scandals, Late and former President Yahya Khan and actress and singer Noor Jehan dated for a good while. Noor Jehan had also turned down PPP founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. *- PPP's Bilawal Zardari and former foreign minister Hina rabbani Khar were said to be in a relationship, which angered a lot of PPP workers and his father Asif Zardari. *- The unmarried political playboy, Sheikh Rasheed was said to be in relationship with actress Veena Malik, who since has picked her game up and turned her life around. *- Maulana Fazal Rahman's alleged corruption of diesel during BaiNazir's tenure has made him forever Maulana Diesel. code-8

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