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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Some Body Parts Of Human That Are Just Unique As Fingerprint

Fingerprints are considered as a mark of identity as they are person specific. But a few of us know that not only are the finger prints but there are also other parts which are person specific. Here are some of these. *Iris:- Eyes are the window to your soul and identity. The iris, a muscle that opens and closes the pupil to control how much light enters the eye, has tiny textural pattern. DNA determines the color and structure of iris, but its random pits, furrows, swirls and rifts occur during fetal development, which makes every iris unique ( even your two irises do not match each other). The patterns are thought to appear as the fetus opens and closes its developing eyes, and iris tissues tighten and fold. *- Ear:- Trace the rim of your ear: feel the curves and ridges; you are th only person in the world with that exact shape. The ear is such a handy identifier that Yahoo is developing technology to open Smartphone with ear scanner. Someone receiving a call would unlock the phone by simply pressing it to the ear. *- Lip Print:- Hypothetically, detectives could seal evidence with a kiss. A study in the Forensic Journal of Dental Sciences found that the pattens of elevations and depressions in the lips are unique as fingerprints. There is just one problem: though lip prints have been used in the court as identification in isolated cases, criminals typically do not smooch on the crime scene. *- Tongue:- Like fingerprints tongue has its own shape and texture, and its tiny bumps and ridges are distributed in a way that is uniquely yours. These patterns rarely change over time since the tongue is protected inside mouth (unlike fingerprints, which may become scarred). Scientists are developing 3-D imaging to aid in identification. *- Voice:- It is not quite a body part, but your voice is unlike any one else's. Some vocal characteristic are easy to detect such as frequency (high or low) and intensity (loud or soft). Based on the combined traits scientists have already created systems to automatically recognize a person's voice if it is pre-recorded in database. *-Toe Prints:- A fetus toe prints develop at the same time a fingerprints, and are as just unique. Since crooks are more likely to leave fingerprints behind, the FBI maintains a national database that links 66 million people to their fingerprints. but does not record foot or toe prints.

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