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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nawaz Sharif Spent More Time On Visits Abroad Than In The House (Parliament)

Parliament-shy Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has spent more time abroad than in the house which elected him to office in his tenure, so far. According to data presented in the National Assembly, the premier spent a total of 185 days abroad in 65 foreign tours with accompanying staff of 631 of officers which cost the exchequer Rs 638.27 million. By contrast, Premier visited the National Assembly just 35 times during his 940 days in power. Of all the countries Nawaz Sharif visited, he frequented United Kingdom the most--- a whooping 17 times. According to the data provided, he spent nearly two months in the UK, of which 32 days were listed as official stays, while 28 were listed as transits. However, during each transit premier stayed for at least couple of days which cost the Nation Rs 137.8 million. He visited Saudi Arabia five times, followed by the USA and China which he visited four times each. However, aft, Nawaz Sharif spent more time in the US visiting the superpower for 18 days. Turkey is another favoured destination for Nawaz who wants to harbour close ties with the Nation. He visited Turkey at least once every year. This practice is not limited to Nawaz Sharif, any party leader who came into power, just looted the National exchequer like him, and giving perks and privileges to their liked ones.

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