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Friday, February 26, 2016

Some Most Cruel Personalities In The History-2

**-- IVan:- This is a character of the past (Picture above). He was the Zar of Russia from 1533 to 1584. He was all in all regarding power. He was also an exampalary cruel person. He was so since his childhood. He used to throw small animals from height and enjoyed of their death. He was so superstitious that considered every one his enemy. If someone was looking towards, he thought his intentions are dangerous for him. If some one talked in loud voice he thought he could creat problems in future, so suffering from this negative thinking he killed thousands of people. He had constructed torture cell in his palace. One of his enjoyment was to kill children in front of parents and parents in front of children. In 1984, he was died when he was playing chess with his friend. It is thought that he was poisoned. **-- Attila:--
He ruled from 434 to 453, over a vast territory from Germany to River Denyub. He was the only powerful person in the area. He was so cruel that due his cruelities he was called Atilla (The lion of God). He killed persons with torturing him and enjoyed the scene. There was no word of forgiveness near to him. During his era, there lived a a Christian pious and beautiful lady called Saint Arsala. Atilla proposed her for marriage, on her refusal, he burnt Arsala along with her 12,000 followers alive. It is said that he used to drink the blood of young women after killing them. He brutally killed his brother and two sons and ate them He died in 453. **-- Caligula:-
Caligula was the third emperor of Roman Empire from 37 to 43 AD. The historians focus upon his cruelty, sadism, extravagance and sexual perversity. When he was crowned he sacrificed 0.15 million animals to please Gods. He suffered from a brain trouble due to which he was always in trouble. He considered himself God. He killed children just for enjoyment and got pleasure from their weeping and crying. He had lions, tigers and other barbarians for to tear prisoners which he got happy when saw them torn by beasts. He thought that child blood will give him long life so he killed unlimited number of children and drank their blood. He was killed in 43 and people got relaxed. **--Nero:-
Nero was one of the worst and the cruelest ruler of the history. A famous proverb is commonly narrated in the East regarding Nero like act. It is," Rome was burning and Nero was playing on flute". Nero did not adapt one method to kill the people. He killed them by throwing from very high place like hills, by hanging, throwing before beasts, or poisoning them. He conducted different experiments to kill people with terrible methods and after killing some one he used to enjoy music. His family members also fell pray to his killing methods. He killed mother, wife and brothers. He ruled from 54 AD to 64 AD. **--Josef Mengele:-- He was a medical doctor, a physician in the Nazi camp. He used to conduct experiments on the prisoners. Nazis handed over the victims to Josef and he was on his liberty to do whatever he did he want. He thought himself to be a great doctor, a surgeon and a scientist. He tore the victims without giving any anaesthesia. Once he thought of conducting experiment on twins whether one's pain is felt by the other sibling. Thus conduting his barbaric experiments he killed 12,000 kids. Many children were available in the prisoner camps and others were searched for by his workers. Once he laid down twins on separate tables and made one child blind by pouring acid in his eyes to see whether other child could see or not. After WW II he fled to South America along with his and died in 1985 during swimming. **Elizabeth Bathony:-
Though there few women in the list of cruel people, but those were also not less than men regarding barbarism. It is said about Coleopatra that she spent each night with a new slave and in the morning killed him. She was an influential countess and a serial killer. She called herself Women DRacula. She used to drink the blood of young girls to keep herself young and beautiful. Bathony and her four collaborators were accused of killing 650 young 1585 and 1610. She was trialed but due to family influenced she was imprisoned where she died after four years. She belonged to Hungry.

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