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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some Most Cruel Personalitsie Of The History-1

The strangest thing in the universe is human being. No one else has as much contradictions as human has. Human is on one side very kind, polite and merciful, on other hand he is most cruel and brutal too. If he is on one hand God of Love while on other he is devil of hatred. Some people are so merciful that they feel the troubles of other for themselves. Tyrannies and brutalities and experienced from new to newest methods of killing and torturing humans for his beast like nature and for pleasure remained the hobby of some cruel people. History remembers them but in a negative way. Here are some of the most cruel people of the history. **-- Dracula:-- This person has left his memories (Picture above)in the history as one of the most brutal persons. Count Dracula-He remained the king of Vlajaspa thrice between 1428 and 1476. His state was an independent one. His actual name was Vlad not Dracula, the later name was given by historians, meaning 'little devil', which became his identity. Nobody knows Count Vlad but Dracula is known to every child even because of horror films. He felt pleasure in killing humans and in the flow of blood from human's body. When he came into power his circle of human killing game widened, he killed some one just on pity things. His one way of his barbaric game was tying the legs of a person with separate and opposite side running horses, when they ran, the person got torn into half, he enjoyed it, drank wine and laughed loudly. Other brutal killing game of humans he used was palification of billed (pointed) wooden sticks in the body of victim in such a way that it oozed out from from throat through belly and he ordered his men to hit the person's head with hammer. An estimate indicates that he killed nearly 0.1 million people violently. **-- Joseph Stalin-
He remained the dictator of Russia from 1932 to 1953. His 30-year-rule was a symbol of violence, and force. Any one who wrote, spoke or raised voice against was killed. He did not tolerate intelligent people in the state, any one he thought could think was against him and was thrown in gas chamber. It is said that he killed three million people among them one million were Jews. ** Adolf Hitler:-
He was responsible for starting World War II. The history, specially written or filmed by Jews (As the print and electronic media in the west are occupied by them) has been for their own interests. No doubt Hilter was a dictator and a dictator can not tolerate any thing against his nature. but he has been the most brave and courageous person in the history. He did an excellent job for genocide of the most dangerous nation in the world. It was due to his intelligent act that the dangerous tribe could not find piece of land to live and then Britain came to its help and make them sit just on the head of Palestinians. The Jewish lobby is the one that showed him the most cruel person in the history. Nazi camps of prisoners are said to be the center of torture but what the Jews and others against Hitler say about the American torture cells like Guantamo Bay in the modern world. What about American brutalities in Iraq, Syria and other Islamic countries where cluster bombs are showered and the most modern weapons are tested. Hitler may have killed six million Jews but America and Israel have killed more than 60 million innocent people. Who is the most cruel in the history America or the bravest dictator Hitler. He was so brave that did not like to hand over himself to the hands of enemies. To take the life of others is the easiest job, but taking one's own life is the most difficult one. Only brave persons like Hitler could do that. **-- Pol Pot:-
He was the prime minister of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. There are also several stories linked to his gruesome acts. He also killed thousands of people. One thing is common in all thses cruel people that they are extremely violent for their opposed people and discover new methods to torture their opposition. Every dictator bring his own philosophy and views and can not bear criticism on these. Pol Pot thought that Cambodia can not progress until the old traditions, society and religion is not changed. He suffered from the madness of bringing industrial revolution in the country for which he acted brutally. In his rule thousand of people were forced to work forcibly. He wanted work and work and worked. If somebody got sick may be women he/she was made stand in cold water up to their neck without clothes and there was no discrimination of pregnant women. The word Veitnam was like a abuse for him. If any man or woman got married to Veinamese men or woman both were killed. He kept record of the persons he killed along with photos. It is said that he had also saved skulls of the persons he killed.

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