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Monday, February 15, 2016

Montly Income Of Muslim Families In West Bengal (India) Is Rs 5,000

Monthly income of almost eight in 10 Muslim households in India's rural West Bengal is is only Rs 5,000 ($ 50) or less, which is barely above the cut-off level of of income for poverty line for a family of five. In a report titled "Living Realities of Muslims in West Bengal", it is said that Muslims constitute 27 % of West Bengal population, as much as 38.3 % of the households of minority community earn in rural parts of the state Rs 2,500 ($ 25) or less per month. Only 3.8 percent of these households reported earning Rs 15,000 ($ 150) and above per month. Considerably, 13.2 per cent Muslim adults in the West Bengal do npt posses voter identity cards. Muslims in the state stand deprived of basic amenities of life such as tap water, drainage, equal opportunities in employment and even LPG cylinders.

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