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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some White Poisons That Are Killing You Slowly

Many of us just are not aware about those things that somehow are dangerous and harmful for our body and we are still consuming them every day. These harmful products contain ryourself with these harmful food items before you take tm every day. *-Refined Flour:- The white or refined flour consist fewer amount of nutrients and is relatively a pure starch. Also, addition of chemicals forms a product called alloxan is used for generating medical research diabetes. It destroys pancreatic cells of the body. *- Refined Sugar:- Refined sugar is basically white sugar that is derived from plant sources like sugarcane and beets. And their juices discard 90 % fibers and vitamins. *- Process Of Sugar:- The sugar extracting process also involves adding carbon dioxide and lime to the sugar juice obtained in earlier phase which makes it fat-free with no benefit in human food. *- Pasteurized Cow Milk:- The milk pasteurization process gives long shelf-life but it may cost lot to us. The pasteurized milk is almost deprived of valuable vitamins and enzymes. *Removal Of 10 % Iodine:- The pasteurized or treated milk destroys 10 % iodine leading to constipation and eliminates many vital qualities from the milk. *- Refined Rice:- The refined rice or white one causes the glucose level to get increased in the body resulting in increased riskof diabetes. The refined rice including the refining process that discards outer germ and that remains is endosperm, which is almost a starch. *-- Refined Salt:- Refined salt that we use daily is sodium chloride. This element boosts up the cardiovascular problems. It has other harmful effects also.

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