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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Some Incredible Benefits Of Honey

Food is the best medicine ever one can have. Because it is nature made and has no side-effects. Honey is one of such foods that have flavor and lot of benefits. Muslims already know and blindly follow the Ahadis (Sayings) of our Great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad e Mujtaba (PBUH), in which he has mentioned many benefits of honey 1550 years ago that world came to know now. Here are few of these. Let us have a look. * Cures Eye Diseases: As surprising as it may sound, Egyptians found the benefits of honey in curing eye disease. applying honey on your eyes protects and improves your eye sight. It can also protect decrease in eye sight. It also cures redness, eye infections and conjunctivitis. It can also prevent cataracts and glaucoma in diabetes patients. *Controls Diabetes: As mentioned earlier honey is a rich source of natural sugarstherefore it can substitute white sugar. It boosts energy and is healthier thn white sugar. However, close monitoring of diabetes' patients is required all the time. *- Weight Loss: Although honey can not be entirely relied upon for losing weight, it can enhance weight loss because it is an excellent detox agent. It cleanses the liver by its detoxification effects and removes unwanted fats from liver lobule. This leads to better metabolism and more effctive digestion process. *Infection: In children with upper respiratory tract infection, two table spoon of honey can help them sleep better as it soothes the throat and depresses coughing mechanism. Adults can use honey in tea for its soothing effect and throat infection. **-- Healing Power:- Anti-bacterial properties of honey help in healing burns, cuts and wounds. Breast feeding women can apply honey to sore nipples topically for rapid tissue repair and and analgesic (pain killer) effects. Pure honey helps prevent in further inflammation in wounds by keeping them sterile (bacteria free). *Cures Acne: Acne break outs not only occur on the face but a lot of people suffer from acne on their back, buttocks and axilla. Acne helps curing acne by absorbing impurities causing acne from the pores. Honey is an antiseptic and soothes skin.

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