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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sonia Ali-- Kim Kardashian's Best Lookalike

You might have seen plenty of Kim's lookalikes including her younger sister over the years, but never before have you laid eyes on such a jaw-dropping dead ringer as Sonia Ali. Sonia isfrom London and shares instagram account with her make up artist sister 'Fyza'. It is Fyza's contouring that turns that her sister into Kim than woman deserves- whatever prize makeup artist get for most mind blowing social media page. You have still never seen the Kim's lookalike who starred in Kanye's sex tap, but for now Sonia wins the prize.
How is this girl not at least related to Kim?
Sonia should make a trip to Calabasas and hit the Kard clan up for some money. Sonia looks like Kardashian just about every way. Is not ass, is not quite as bid, Whose is?
Kim should really hire Sonia.She should do appearance or just sit and listen when Kanye goes on one of his rants. Even super close-up, Sonia looks a lot of like Kim,

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