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Monday, March 28, 2016

Trump's Opponents Used Naked Picture Of His Wife In Election Compaign

Donald Trump furiously reacted to a conservative super PAC backing Ted Cruz which used a naked photo of his wife i an ad. The words written on photo were "Meet Melania Trump your next first lady or you can vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Former President Parvez Musharraf's First Interview After Leaving Pakistan (Video)

Pervez Musharraf Interview In Dubai - 24th... by ayaz18

Indian Spy Arrested In Balochistan Served In Indian Navy--- New Delhi

The incumbent rulers have closed their eyes on the nefarious designs of India that it is performing through RAW agents, local traitors (Paid), intruded in Pakistan through Afghanistan to repeat the game of 1971 to break Pakistan into pieces by separating Balochistan from greater Pakistan. One power-ruler gave open chance to India to separate East Pakistan and other business-loving and Indian-love sufferer to throw one province in the lap of India. There is only one honest and patriot institution of Pak Army that is fighting on all the fronts and sacrificing lives. From fight against terrorists and corruption, helping flood and earth quake victims and monitoring the activities of rulers, the army soldiers are busy in defending Pakistan. Why the issue subversive activities of India is not raised on international level.? While activities of RAW are known to every Pakistani, even Known to international fora. What is scret behind? What else remains behind after the confession of India that an active serving officer of RAW working on its agenda in Pakistan, Gul Yadev Bhoshan was an Indian Navy Commander. This arrested RAW agent was in contact with Baloch separatists also confessed his involvement in Karachi unrest. He was arrested in Pak-Afghan border region of Chamman. According to interrogations, Bhoshan---bearing Indian Navy ID 41588Z had been working for RAW since 2013. He had a passport on which his name appeared as Hussain Mubarak Patel and was issued Iranian Visa on it. He was earlier deputed to Iranian port Chabahar. Later he entered Balochistan and had been living there along with his wife and two children. He used local people to carry out terrorisevealed tht activities, whom he distributed million of rupees. He was plotting to separate Balochistan and Karachi from rest of Pakistan. It has also been revealed that Boshan was the son of former Assistnt commissioner Mombai.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunny Leone Slapped A Journalist For Asking Inappropriate Questions

The actress has been asked numerous times over her past life and profession as porn star, she took down a reporter on the prvious occasion in Gujrat hotel. She was accompanied by her husband in the hotel to perform for Holi event. Sunny got impatient when a journalist started intervening her in the hotel corridor and asked her," You were a porn star earlier, you are a film star now, so how how much do you charge now?" The actress reportedly dared the journalist to repeat the question, to which he asked again, "How much do you charge for a night program?." All this, Sunny slapped the journalist in front of the hotel staff and the visitors and retreated back to her hotel room.
Sunny Leone Hot Seat Interview by etribune After the fit of her rage, organisors were she would no longer perform at the event. Sunny, however, kept her words and danced at popular Indian songs for 15 minutes as previously agreed upon. Her only condition was that no media be allowed inside the
venue of the event.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Aung San Suu Kyi Of Burma Got Angry For Interview By A Muslim Presenter On BBC

She is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and a beacon of saintly integrity in the west who remained under house arrest for 15 years in her native Burma. However, there is another side to Burmese politician Suu Kyi that sits at odds with her iconic image. After the BBC Today presenter Mishal Hussain gave Suu Kyi a rough ride during a BBC interview, Suu Kyi lost her composure and was heard to mutter angrily off-air-- 'No one told me I was going to be interviewed by Muslim'. When she was repeatedly asked by Mishal to condemn anti-Muslim sentiment, she declined to do so.
Muslims are only 4 % of Burma's population. The Rohingya Muslims who have borne the brunt of violence are a smaller minority still. The Rohingya are explicitly forbidden from becoming citizens of Burma and have no political weight whatsoever.

Why Malaika Arora Wants To Divorce Arbaz

Indian produce-actor Arbaz Khan and his wife Malaika Arora are headed toward divorce after 17-year marriage. Malaika has moved out of their home and shifted to another apartment along with her 14-year-old son Arhaan. Malika has been meeting her lawyer and providing some clear points to him for divorce. 1) I want to divorce Arbaaz Khan because our marriage has failed to give me financial stability. 2). My husband and his family want me to live simple domestic life, which I will not. 3). I will not forbid my son to meet his father but I want to get his custody at any cost whatsoever. Malaika is keen to file for divorce inspite of his brother-in-law Salman's repeated attempts to patch the things between the two.
Malaika has informed Salaman and her family that she has been single handedly providing Arhaan's exorbitant school tuition fees and other expenses.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Indian Teen Filmed Her Own Father Raping Film To Show To Her Mother

An 18-year-old girl, Sarita Devi in Uttar Pradesh, India had to film her father raping her on mobile phone after suffering her attacks for over four years. She filmed this video to show her the proof that they did not believe before, when she told her mom and other family members.
She said she was ashamed of having father like him. Sarita said her 53-year-old father forced her to abuse whenever they were alone at home. Her mother now regrets not to believe earlier because she could not imagine father can do this act to his daughter.

PCB Will Sack Players And Officials

Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to sack Chief Selector Harron Rasheed, Coach Waqar Younis and Captain Shahid Afridi and a committee would lead investigation on others. After extremely poor performance team is facing severe criticism due to various controversial incidents and statements. The committee formed to investigate matters after Asia Cup comprising, Shakil Sheikh (Chairman Cricket Committe), Subhan Ahmad (Chief Operating Officer), Iqbal Qasim (member), Younus (member) and Misbah Ul Haq (Member) would investigate grouping rumors as well. On other hand, cricketing legend former Captain and chairman PTI advised that on captain should be appointed for all cricket formats. He said that appointing a single captain would allow him to better analyze overall team situation and individual capability. He further said he is neither involved in cricket as a player nor he gets it too watch too often anymore, therefore he can not comment on the current situation.

Arshi Khan Again Speaks For Shahid Afridi (Video)

Arshi Khan Exclusive Message For Qandeel Baloch... by awaizp9

Who Is Qandeel Baloch Actually?

Qandeel Baloch Nay Inteha Kardi by fun-time-pass

Now a days a girl namely Qandeel Baloch has attracted the attention of social network users, specially those of Facebook and Twitter, because of her bold and nude videos and pictures. She is the girl who announced to strip dance if Pakistani cricket team won T20 World cup. But Who actually this girl is? A person claiming to be near to her reveled that she is the product of Heera Mandi Lahore (An old and well known prostitution center of Lahore). Her mother has been a prostitute at this den and an actress. Her mother married to a Sindhi politician who divorced her after some time. qandeel may or may not be his child. Qandeel knows many languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Searaiki, Pothohari and English. She got Masters Degree from a local University. Neither her actual name is Qandeel nor she is from Baloch caste. Her real name is Shabana. She wanted to work in TV dramas but all those dramas failed in which she worked. Then a Peer advised her to change her name, so she became Qandeel from Shabana and added just a word Baloch to her name. Her mother did not want her to be prostitute of the center but may get popular call girl in high society. so she provided her higher education. Therefore, she lived in Islamabad to be introduced in upper class but her demand was negligible she could not mahe her place in high society. She also tried to be singer and also attempted to give audition in Geo Tv's music competition but failed. One of her her friends suggested her to upload bold videos on Facebook to be famous and to get cheaper fame she started uploading her nude videos on Twitter and Facebook. Due to her video she got famous or notorious and every net user started to know her.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Qandeel Baloch's Official Page Was Removed By Facebook

Facebook removed the official page ofQandel Baloch because of displaying nudity and uploading vulgar videos. Worker of PTi and an active social media user revealed that her official page has been removed by Fb authorities for displaying nudity.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

26 People were Killed In Attacks On Brussels Airport In Belgium

As many as 26 people were and several injured when twin explosions rocked the mainhall of Brussels airport, shots were also fired before the explosions.
The explosions were carried out by a suicide bomber. The blats occurred four day after the arrest of a suspected participant of November attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Social media showed pictures of smoke rising from the departure hall where windows had been shattered by the blasts. Passengers were seen running away down a slipway.
Soon after the airport blats, an explosion occurred on Metro-Station near European Union's institutions in Belgian capital. Several flights wee cancelled, airport was closed, metro services were suspended. Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif has strongly condemned the attacks.

Monday, March 21, 2016

No Stripping But Qandeel Baloch Dedicated Her Dance To Indian Fans(Video)

Pakistan's defeat in T20 cricket match against India in Kolkata also played spoilsport for controversial Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch who had promised to perform strip dance if Pakistan beat India. Alas! Pakistan lost the match and the promise went unfulfilled. However, strip or not, Qandeel did perform for the cricket loving Indian fans. Karachi-based Qandeel Baloch who claims to be singer, model and actress in a Facebook video message said that she is dancing for all her Indian fans who love her a lot. Qandeel performed traditional Balochi dance only because she was inundated with requests from fans. And finally accepted "We are The Losers". This also reminds us of Indian actress poonam Pandey who rose to fame when she promised to strip for indian tean if it won World Cup T20 in 2011. Though India went on to win the cup, but her request was turned down by The Board of Cricket Control of India.

Some Crazy Facts About Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

The controversy lover Republican candidate for presidential elections of America, Donald Trump has always been hitting the headlines since the beginning of his election compaign. His butler revealed the following crazy facts about him. **-- He owns the house that was supposed t be presidential retreat. The house was built by a cereal heiress in 1920s. When she died she left the house to US government to make it presidential retreat. But the upkeep proved too expensive and the ownership was transferred back to her daughters, who sold it to Trump for $ 10.0 million in 1985. He turned it into a private club a decade later. **-- He usually tells lies about the history of the house. Mr Trump likes to tell people that the tiles in children's room, which are covered in nursery rhymes were painted by Walt Disney. When Mr Senecal who now serves as house historian points out it is not true. **-- Mr Trump is proud of his golf ability. His hours on course would be followed with time hitting balls into the Intracoastal Waterway, beside his butler. Mr Trump would ask, "Tony, how far is that?" It is like 275 yards. Mr Senecal would respond, though he said, the actual distance was 225 yards. **-- Mr Trump would stroll regularly through his gardens, greeting mainly his Hispanic workers. And Mr Senecal said, that he would frequently dish out $ 100 bills to the groundsmen who, surprisingly were deeply appreciative. **-- The library with centuries old British Oak bookcases filled with rare first editions was turned into a bar, said Mr Senecal. A portrait of Mr Trump with his tennis whites now hangs in the room.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pakistani Ladies Police Scandal In Lahore

Authorities in Punjab province have suspended five female police personnel and launched a probe following allegations that were involved in a sex racket. The scandal has rocked the women's police department and officers fear that the issue will make it more difficult for the newcomers (females) to join police in a conservative society. The matter came to light when inspector Shafia Bakht, believed to be the head of the racket, "dispatched" two police constables for duty at the residence of an officer of Lahore Development Authority. The constables found three 'costumers' waiting for them at the officer's residence. When the constables refused to do the bidding of officers and his friends, they were allowed to leave but were warned that they should raise an alarm. However, the women constables reported the matter to the station house office (SHO) in Sabzazar and he subsequently informed his officers. According to initial findings, Shafia Bakht has been involved in the racket for several years. A couple of years ago, she was suspended on similar charges but was reinstated due to her 'strong connections' with police high-ups. Shafis targets women police personnel from from remote areas with poor family background. She has a strong network backed by senior police officers and journalists. The findings indicated that she was in league with other persons in Lahore. Shafia's network uses the codeword duty for such assignments and same landed her in trouble when she wrongly sent an SMS to personnel who were not part of her network, for performing duty at LDA's officers house. Courtesy (Pakistani scandals)

Muslim Women Can Also Do Contract Marriage (Video)--- Mufti Abdul qavi

Women Can Also Do Contract Marriage:- Mufti... by ayaz18

Pakistani Mother Forced Her Two daughters Into Prostitution In UAE

A Pakistani mother forced her two teenage daughters into prostitution after bringing them to UAE. The crime came into light when two undercover inspectors visited the massage center. The girls said their parents got divorced in Pakistan and their mother married to a 18 year jobless man. Her mother brought them to UAE on the excuse of pursueing their studies. But here she and her sister were confined to a flat belonging to an owner of massage center, who their mother know already. Their mother forced them to work in massage center. In the center they found their mother offering sex to the along with massage services. Her sister was sent back to Pakistan after being raped by the center clerk and getting pregnant. The girl tried to seek police but she could not contact. Her mother received Dh 1,000 for her each service.

Altaf Hussain Dancing On Party's Foundation Day (Video)

Altaf Hussain Singing and Dancing - Bambino... by awaztoday-tv

Though Altaf Hussain can be seen in this video on party's 32nd Foundation Day in London walking like a toddler who is learning to walk, moving his hands (That is not dance, because he would fall on ground if he lifts his foot from ground), but it seems he is seriously ill. Though alive, against some rumours of his death. He can only issue statements, deliver speeches while sitting. He can hardly stand and walk. There is a rumour too that Altaf will come to Pakistan to save his party from big damage. As Mustafa Kamal's show has started producing results as some big leaders of MQM are leaving party and joining hands with Kamal. But this will never happen, he would never come to Pakistan and face his cases.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ex-ISI Major Exposed Altaf Hussain (Video)

Says Ex ISI Major Bashing Altaf Hussain & Expo... by ayaz18

Anonymous Hacker's Group Declares War On Trump

Donald Trump has been making headlines one after another and curbing the protesters with th help of law enforcers. Anonymous, which is considered the most effective hacker's group has declared war on him. The group works around the principles of anonymity even among the hackers. They know each other only by online handle names instead of real identification and have hit some of the world's largest organizations including several governments. Donald Trump has been on rampage of trash talking and throwing in controversial statements about Muslims, Mexicans, Disabled and Women. In a You Tube video anonymous decided to take matters in their own hands to teach Trump some manners announcing a full scale war. A masked anonymous hackivist declared war on Trump saying that his inconsistent and hateful compaign had not only shocked the United States of America but he had shocked the entire planet with his appalling actions and ideas. Anonymous has called upon the common folk to use #OpTrump hashcard to help bring down on April 1. They are also targeting other Trump online properties;,,,, and Unverified personal data on trump and his staff is also being released in the total war against trump. The first attck came in 2015, however, this time anonymous means business. The group anonymous uses Guy Mask as a symbol of their hidden identity and activism against the unjust. The mask ws used in Hollywood movie V.

Foreign Chapters Of MQM Have Announced To Support Mustafa Kamal

After having a successful run in Pakistan, Kamal's unnamed party has begun to show results even in MQM's abroad chapters. It is said that Jeddah and Riadth chapters have announced to support Mustafa Kamal and his new party, not named yet. Many prominent names are yet to join hands with Kamal this month. The MQM London's Rabita Committee is also in talks with Mustafa and a big breakthrough is expected anytime soon after which Kamal and Co will open an office in London.
A senior political analyst has claimed that at least 27 more MQM's current leaders are likely to join habds with Kamal before March 27. Mustafa welcomed former MQM leader Raza Haroon in his unnamed party. He said that his party name will be announced on 23rd March. He intends to hold a public meeting in second week of next month in Karachi's Bagh e Jinnah. It is worth mentioning here that senior leaders of MQM like Dr Sagheer Ahmad, Wasim Aftab and Iftekhar Ahmad have already left MQM and and joined hands with Kamal and QaimKhani.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle Not Solved Yet

The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle by alltimeconspiracies

Bermuda triangle is a mythical section of Atlantic Ocean, roughly surrounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and aeroplanes have disappeared. Area referred to as Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle covers covers about 500,000 square miles of the ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida. So Bermuda Triangle is such an enigma that mankind have been unable to solve hitherto. Scientists have not got a single clue about the reasons behind its mystery. However, according to Islamic point of view it is 'Satan's' empire ruled by a Jinn. There are several unsolved incidents related to the triangle. Here are some of those:-
**-- Uss Cyclops:-- In March 1981, a massive ship with around 309 crew members set out to sail through Bermuda region. One of the crew members sent message informing status of everyone on ship and that was the last indication of their presence. After that the ship wil all of its crew members disappeared. The ship was never found found even after the entire search of the area. No remains of the ship and any of the crew members were seen. The whole scenario continues to remain an unsolved mysterious disappearance the Bermuda triangle has ever witnessed. **-- Mary Celeste:-- Mary Celeste was a ship that was found stranded stranded unscratched and without any signs of its crew in the sea on December 04, 1972. Lots of speculations suspect about pirate attack on ship. This is a big unsolved mystery till now. **-- Elen Austin:-- In 1881, the ship was already for New York and on its way it got stumbled losing all its crew The disappearance of Alen Austin, and its reappearance and absence of its crew is a mysterious story. It is one of the secrets of the area. *-- Flight 19,1945:- Flight 19 is the most well known Bermuda Triangle incidents. Flight 19 was the name given to five Avenger Torpedo bombers that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 05, 1945. Without any trace all 14 men on the flight disappeared. Later a Martin Mariner flying boat with 13 men was sent to search them out, but it also disappeared and never found again. **Witchcraft:-- 22 December of 1967, a cabin Cruiser named Witchcraft left Miami with captain Dan Burrack. After sailing for few minutes the ship hit something but luckily there was no substantial damage to the ship. After some time a call was received from captain for help. The coast guards reached there within 20 minutes, and they found nothing over there. There wa no sign of the ship. The most shocking fact about the ship was that it was unsinkable and there were many life devices available on it. So, what hppened then? No one knows. **-- Tudor Star Tiger:-- On January 30, 1948, the plane with 25 passengers left Santa Maria. The radio operator received coordinates of the aircraft just before it was reaching Bermuda region. The operator was then unable to regain the signals from the flight. The flight was unavailable through radio contact. 26 aircrafts were set into action to search out the plane for five days. But all efforts were worthless. Tudor Star Tiger was never found again and became one of the mysterious stories of Bermuda Triangle.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Woman Finds Abusive Partner By Her Bedside After Waking From 8-month Coma

A doting boyfriend became front page news when he stayed by his girlfriend's bedside while she was in coma for eight months. It was only when 22-year-old Lin Yingying woke up that the nasty truth came to light. While everyone knew that the boyfriend spent fortune 200,000 yuans for his girlfriend's treatment, little did the public know that her partner had beaten her up and the injuries that she sustained landed her in comatose state. The girl was scared to tell the truth but with her family's support she found the courage to her th story of abuse and regular beatings. On the fateful day the girl was beaten up by her partner for buring some bread in the bakery that duo ran together. The girl has filed an official complaint.

Amnesty International's Call To European Council To Accept Refugees

Amnesty International is pushing a call to action petition requesting president, European Council Donald Tusk to accept refugees from Greece presenting a four pointer humanitarian memorandum. Thousands of refugees, including children, elderly, pregnant women and sick, are currently stranded at the border of Greece at the mercy of European Council and Euripean countries. Refugees are living in adverse conditions.
While European leaders are in a deadlock with Turkey over refugees issue. To make the situation even worst, Macedonia has sealed off its border with Greece. An Amnesty International team has visited the refugees facing adverse conditions at the northern Greek border crossing of Idomeni. Up to 13,000 people are stranded at this point alone. A I has presented four four point petition to E C.
**-- Use all available means to urgently accept asylum-seekers from Greece- including relocating of a large number of persons without applying restrictive selection criteria. **-- Support an effective relief program to ease the pressure on Greece to respond to the humanitarian crisis. **-- End discriminatory border practices and support countries along the Western Balkans route.. **-- Open up more safe and legal routes for people in need of international protection to ensure refugees do not embark on dangerous sea crossing to reach protection in Europe.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

ISIS Use Corporate Like Recruitment Forms---German Intelligence

German Intelligence agencies have confirmed that Zaman Al-Wasl documents claimed from a former ISIS defector are similar if not identical to the documents they have received. These 122 documents also contain the corporate styled recruitment forms for ISIS. The recruitment procedure is based on corporate like hiring strategies that are focused on level of obedience and behavioral attitude of the applicant towards jihad. A special clause also questions if the applicant is willing to become suicide attacker for ISIS. Zaman Al-Wasl has released 122 ISIS documents out of 1770 possible leaked documents. The form contains 23 different sections from including religious level and level of obedience. Here are the questions on the form. -- First and last name, -- Assumed name,--Mother's name,-- Blood type,-- Date of birth/ nationality,-- Marital Status, --Address and place of birth,--Education,-- Sharia (or religious) level,--Previous job,-- countries visited,-- point of border entry,-- Date of entry,-- Who recommended you,--Previous jihad experience,-- Fighter or suicide attacker,--Field of specialty, Current working place,-- Personal properties you are leaving behind,-- The level of obedience, Address for future communication,--Date of death and place (may be for ISIS office use),--Notes.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Girls Dancing When Mika Singh Started Singing Abrar's Song (Video)

Girls dancing when Mika singh starts singing... by UNewsTv

Taxi Drivers Claim About Ghost Passengers In Japan

Taxi drivers have many stories to tell about strange, crazy or accentric passengers they encounter whole day, but this story is a creepy one. Taxi drivers claim Ghost or Phantom passengers in their fares. According to details, about half-dozen Japanese taxi drivers claimed to have had not just odd but ghostly passengers. They report that all seemed like normal fares until phantom passengers mysteriously vanished from the back seat before arriving at their destination. At least seven taxi drivers have reported in northeast Japan, experiencing phantom fares in the wake of devastating 2011 Tsunami and earthquake. In each instance story is the same. a driver in northeast Japan picks up a passenger in the devastated by 2011 tsunami and earthquake. He starts the meter and starts about the destination, to which the customer give a strange response. Either then, or sometimes later, the driver turns around to address man or woman but the passenger has vanished. This is because it is claimed, it was a ghost passenger-who was killed five years before in the disaster. In some cases, the ghostly passenger is reported to strangely inquired from the back seat,"Am I Dead?".