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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Indian Spy Arrested In Balochistan Served In Indian Navy--- New Delhi

The incumbent rulers have closed their eyes on the nefarious designs of India that it is performing through RAW agents, local traitors (Paid), intruded in Pakistan through Afghanistan to repeat the game of 1971 to break Pakistan into pieces by separating Balochistan from greater Pakistan. One power-ruler gave open chance to India to separate East Pakistan and other business-loving and Indian-love sufferer to throw one province in the lap of India. There is only one honest and patriot institution of Pak Army that is fighting on all the fronts and sacrificing lives. From fight against terrorists and corruption, helping flood and earth quake victims and monitoring the activities of rulers, the army soldiers are busy in defending Pakistan. Why the issue subversive activities of India is not raised on international level.? While activities of RAW are known to every Pakistani, even Known to international fora. What is scret behind? What else remains behind after the confession of India that an active serving officer of RAW working on its agenda in Pakistan, Gul Yadev Bhoshan was an Indian Navy Commander. This arrested RAW agent was in contact with Baloch separatists also confessed his involvement in Karachi unrest. He was arrested in Pak-Afghan border region of Chamman. According to interrogations, Bhoshan---bearing Indian Navy ID 41588Z had been working for RAW since 2013. He had a passport on which his name appeared as Hussain Mubarak Patel and was issued Iranian Visa on it. He was earlier deputed to Iranian port Chabahar. Later he entered Balochistan and had been living there along with his wife and two children. He used local people to carry out terrorisevealed tht activities, whom he distributed million of rupees. He was plotting to separate Balochistan and Karachi from rest of Pakistan. It has also been revealed that Boshan was the son of former Assistnt commissioner Mombai.

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