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Saturday, March 12, 2016

ISIS Use Corporate Like Recruitment Forms---German Intelligence

German Intelligence agencies have confirmed that Zaman Al-Wasl documents claimed from a former ISIS defector are similar if not identical to the documents they have received. These 122 documents also contain the corporate styled recruitment forms for ISIS. The recruitment procedure is based on corporate like hiring strategies that are focused on level of obedience and behavioral attitude of the applicant towards jihad. A special clause also questions if the applicant is willing to become suicide attacker for ISIS. Zaman Al-Wasl has released 122 ISIS documents out of 1770 possible leaked documents. The form contains 23 different sections from including religious level and level of obedience. Here are the questions on the form. -- First and last name, -- Assumed name,--Mother's name,-- Blood type,-- Date of birth/ nationality,-- Marital Status, --Address and place of birth,--Education,-- Sharia (or religious) level,--Previous job,-- countries visited,-- point of border entry,-- Date of entry,-- Who recommended you,--Previous jihad experience,-- Fighter or suicide attacker,--Field of specialty, Current working place,-- Personal properties you are leaving behind,-- The level of obedience, Address for future communication,--Date of death and place (may be for ISIS office use),--Notes.

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