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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunny Leone Slapped A Journalist For Asking Inappropriate Questions

The actress has been asked numerous times over her past life and profession as porn star, she took down a reporter on the prvious occasion in Gujrat hotel. She was accompanied by her husband in the hotel to perform for Holi event. Sunny got impatient when a journalist started intervening her in the hotel corridor and asked her," You were a porn star earlier, you are a film star now, so how how much do you charge now?" The actress reportedly dared the journalist to repeat the question, to which he asked again, "How much do you charge for a night program?." All this, Sunny slapped the journalist in front of the hotel staff and the visitors and retreated back to her hotel room.
Sunny Leone Hot Seat Interview by etribune After the fit of her rage, organisors were she would no longer perform at the event. Sunny, however, kept her words and danced at popular Indian songs for 15 minutes as previously agreed upon. Her only condition was that no media be allowed inside the
venue of the event.

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