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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Foreign Chapters Of MQM Have Announced To Support Mustafa Kamal

After having a successful run in Pakistan, Kamal's unnamed party has begun to show results even in MQM's abroad chapters. It is said that Jeddah and Riadth chapters have announced to support Mustafa Kamal and his new party, not named yet. Many prominent names are yet to join hands with Kamal this month. The MQM London's Rabita Committee is also in talks with Mustafa and a big breakthrough is expected anytime soon after which Kamal and Co will open an office in London.
A senior political analyst has claimed that at least 27 more MQM's current leaders are likely to join habds with Kamal before March 27. Mustafa welcomed former MQM leader Raza Haroon in his unnamed party. He said that his party name will be announced on 23rd March. He intends to hold a public meeting in second week of next month in Karachi's Bagh e Jinnah. It is worth mentioning here that senior leaders of MQM like Dr Sagheer Ahmad, Wasim Aftab and Iftekhar Ahmad have already left MQM and and joined hands with Kamal and QaimKhani.

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