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Friday, March 11, 2016

Taxi Drivers Claim About Ghost Passengers In Japan

Taxi drivers have many stories to tell about strange, crazy or accentric passengers they encounter whole day, but this story is a creepy one. Taxi drivers claim Ghost or Phantom passengers in their fares. According to details, about half-dozen Japanese taxi drivers claimed to have had not just odd but ghostly passengers. They report that all seemed like normal fares until phantom passengers mysteriously vanished from the back seat before arriving at their destination. At least seven taxi drivers have reported in northeast Japan, experiencing phantom fares in the wake of devastating 2011 Tsunami and earthquake. In each instance story is the same. a driver in northeast Japan picks up a passenger in the devastated by 2011 tsunami and earthquake. He starts the meter and starts about the destination, to which the customer give a strange response. Either then, or sometimes later, the driver turns around to address man or woman but the passenger has vanished. This is because it is claimed, it was a ghost passenger-who was killed five years before in the disaster. In some cases, the ghostly passenger is reported to strangely inquired from the back seat,"Am I Dead?".

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