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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Who Is Qandeel Baloch Actually?

Qandeel Baloch Nay Inteha Kardi by fun-time-pass

Now a days a girl namely Qandeel Baloch has attracted the attention of social network users, specially those of Facebook and Twitter, because of her bold and nude videos and pictures. She is the girl who announced to strip dance if Pakistani cricket team won T20 World cup. But Who actually this girl is? A person claiming to be near to her reveled that she is the product of Heera Mandi Lahore (An old and well known prostitution center of Lahore). Her mother has been a prostitute at this den and an actress. Her mother married to a Sindhi politician who divorced her after some time. qandeel may or may not be his child. Qandeel knows many languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Searaiki, Pothohari and English. She got Masters Degree from a local University. Neither her actual name is Qandeel nor she is from Baloch caste. Her real name is Shabana. She wanted to work in TV dramas but all those dramas failed in which she worked. Then a Peer advised her to change her name, so she became Qandeel from Shabana and added just a word Baloch to her name. Her mother did not want her to be prostitute of the center but may get popular call girl in high society. so she provided her higher education. Therefore, she lived in Islamabad to be introduced in upper class but her demand was negligible she could not mahe her place in high society. She also tried to be singer and also attempted to give audition in Geo Tv's music competition but failed. One of her her friends suggested her to upload bold videos on Facebook to be famous and to get cheaper fame she started uploading her nude videos on Twitter and Facebook. Due to her video she got famous or notorious and every net user started to know her.

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