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Sunday, March 6, 2016

19-Year-old Alexanrda Andersen Is The World's Youngest Billionaiare

Microsoft 's co-founder Bill Gates is the world's richest person with net worth $75 billion, $4.2 billion less than last year. According to Forbes 221 people fell out the list altogether among the riches ones altogether, while replaced by 198 newcomers. Just 19-year-old Alexandra Anderson is the world's youngest billionaire that Forbes values $1.2 billion. Heir to a family fortune built on tobacco.
Fresh out of high school seems to have no rush to be an active owner, and instead is one of the most promising horseback riders in Norway. But despite her incredible personal wealth Miss Andersen appears to be more at home with her her horses and lives in Germany where she rides professionally.
Equally wealthy is her sister Kathrina, one year senior to her. Over the past year 6 women billionaire died and fortune of 31 fell below $ one billion. But 27 women joined the ranks of billionaires for the first time and another 3 returned to the status after falling off the previous years. **- Liliane Bettencourt:-
Liliane, belonging to France is the richest woman of the world, and is also 11th richest person on the Forbes list. Her fortune slipped to $ 4 billion as the as the shares of L'oreal fell. ** Alice Watson:-
She is the second richest woman in the world with $32.3 billion to her name. She is down by $7.1 billion from last year due to drop in Wal-Mart stock. #rd, 4th, and 5th richest women in the world are Jacqueline Mars, Maria Franca and Susanne Kletten, respectively.

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