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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Woman Finds Abusive Partner By Her Bedside After Waking From 8-month Coma

A doting boyfriend became front page news when he stayed by his girlfriend's bedside while she was in coma for eight months. It was only when 22-year-old Lin Yingying woke up that the nasty truth came to light. While everyone knew that the boyfriend spent fortune 200,000 yuans for his girlfriend's treatment, little did the public know that her partner had beaten her up and the injuries that she sustained landed her in comatose state. The girl was scared to tell the truth but with her family's support she found the courage to her th story of abuse and regular beatings. On the fateful day the girl was beaten up by her partner for buring some bread in the bakery that duo ran together. The girl has filed an official complaint.

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