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Thursday, March 3, 2016

JUI May Withdraw From Government

Though the central leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmad of Jammeet e Ulema e Islam (JUI) has hinted that JUI may announce to withdraw from government, but keeping in view the power greedy nature of the chief of the party, who pushed Hafiz in the foreground to announce the threat of withdrawal from government by Hafiz Hussain Ahmad. Maulana will remain in the back ground and will move the ropes of his puppets to deal with Nawaz Sharif. He is already having a deep wound on his heart of deprivation of KPK government then how can he leave ministries in center, especially of his own, which has nothing to do(No work) but pays Maulana everything that he needs; from Federal Minister status and previleges to VVIP protocol. There is no difference in MQM and JUi who threat government to quit but never do so and sit silently when two or three ministries are specially created for their party. Maulana,! people have known the nature of our politicians and you are the best example of that power hungry politician.

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