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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Anonymous Hacker's Group Declares War On Trump

Donald Trump has been making headlines one after another and curbing the protesters with th help of law enforcers. Anonymous, which is considered the most effective hacker's group has declared war on him. The group works around the principles of anonymity even among the hackers. They know each other only by online handle names instead of real identification and have hit some of the world's largest organizations including several governments. Donald Trump has been on rampage of trash talking and throwing in controversial statements about Muslims, Mexicans, Disabled and Women. In a You Tube video anonymous decided to take matters in their own hands to teach Trump some manners announcing a full scale war. A masked anonymous hackivist declared war on Trump saying that his inconsistent and hateful compaign had not only shocked the United States of America but he had shocked the entire planet with his appalling actions and ideas. Anonymous has called upon the common folk to use #OpTrump hashcard to help bring down on April 1. They are also targeting other Trump online properties;,,,, and Unverified personal data on trump and his staff is also being released in the total war against trump. The first attck came in 2015, however, this time anonymous means business. The group anonymous uses Guy Mask as a symbol of their hidden identity and activism against the unjust. The mask ws used in Hollywood movie V.

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