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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pakistani Ladies Police Scandal In Lahore

Authorities in Punjab province have suspended five female police personnel and launched a probe following allegations that were involved in a sex racket. The scandal has rocked the women's police department and officers fear that the issue will make it more difficult for the newcomers (females) to join police in a conservative society. The matter came to light when inspector Shafia Bakht, believed to be the head of the racket, "dispatched" two police constables for duty at the residence of an officer of Lahore Development Authority. The constables found three 'costumers' waiting for them at the officer's residence. When the constables refused to do the bidding of officers and his friends, they were allowed to leave but were warned that they should raise an alarm. However, the women constables reported the matter to the station house office (SHO) in Sabzazar and he subsequently informed his officers. According to initial findings, Shafia Bakht has been involved in the racket for several years. A couple of years ago, she was suspended on similar charges but was reinstated due to her 'strong connections' with police high-ups. Shafis targets women police personnel from from remote areas with poor family background. She has a strong network backed by senior police officers and journalists. The findings indicated that she was in league with other persons in Lahore. Shafia's network uses the codeword duty for such assignments and same landed her in trouble when she wrongly sent an SMS to personnel who were not part of her network, for performing duty at LDA's officers house. Courtesy (Pakistani scandals)

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