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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Amnesty International's Call To European Council To Accept Refugees

Amnesty International is pushing a call to action petition requesting president, European Council Donald Tusk to accept refugees from Greece presenting a four pointer humanitarian memorandum. Thousands of refugees, including children, elderly, pregnant women and sick, are currently stranded at the border of Greece at the mercy of European Council and Euripean countries. Refugees are living in adverse conditions.
While European leaders are in a deadlock with Turkey over refugees issue. To make the situation even worst, Macedonia has sealed off its border with Greece. An Amnesty International team has visited the refugees facing adverse conditions at the northern Greek border crossing of Idomeni. Up to 13,000 people are stranded at this point alone. A I has presented four four point petition to E C.
**-- Use all available means to urgently accept asylum-seekers from Greece- including relocating of a large number of persons without applying restrictive selection criteria. **-- Support an effective relief program to ease the pressure on Greece to respond to the humanitarian crisis. **-- End discriminatory border practices and support countries along the Western Balkans route.. **-- Open up more safe and legal routes for people in need of international protection to ensure refugees do not embark on dangerous sea crossing to reach protection in Europe.

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