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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brides Called Off Weddings Due To Some Strange Reasons In India

From bad math to bad lighting, women in India taking control of who they chose tie knot with, and they are not afraid of calling off their weddings. **-- Drunk:-
A woman in Ferozabad called off her wedding when her groom arrived drunk at the venue. The groom reportedly even could not stand up for the 'jaimal' ceremony, in which bride and groom exchange floral garlands. The bride threatened to commit suicide if forced to marry inebriated man. Elders from both sides unanimously decided to call of the wedding. There was no dispute and all settled amicably. **-Poor Math:-
When an Indian girl's marriage was arranged, her family was unaware of groom's illiteracy. Apparently just before the ceremony, bride asked her groom a simple math question, add 15 and six. When the groom answered 17, bride immediatly called off the wedding. Bride was tried to be convinced but she refused. Bride father said the groom's family had kept them in darkness about the status of his education. **- Illness:-
During the 'varmala' ceremony, where groom puts garland on his bride, excited groom had a seizure and fell due to epileptic fit, in front of wedding guests. The young bride, 23, Indira got furious that her family had kept her in dark about the medical condition of Kishore, the groom. Instead, she announced to marry Harpal Singh, a guest in the wedding party. Singh agreed though he was unaware of the situation to be happened and was in jeans. He joined Indira and the ceremony proceeded with a different groom. However, there was violence and wedding used spoons, plates and dishes to force Indira to marry Kishore but nothing worked. ** A Kiss From Bhabi (Sister-in-Law):- At the wedding in Aligarh, things went awry, when sister-in-law, so excited about the wedding jumped up and kissed her brother-in-law. Despite the family disapproval she remained unscathed and pulled the groom in the dance floor. The brawl instantly started, and leaving the 500 guests to to fend for cover as the families fought. The groom went without the bride. **-- Spitting:-
A groom in Deoria district arrived at his wedding ceremony chewing tobacco. Half-way through the wedding ceremony, he stepped out to spit. The infuriated bride announced to call off the wedding saying she did not want to marry an addict.

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