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Monday, March 21, 2016

Some Crazy Facts About Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

The controversy lover Republican candidate for presidential elections of America, Donald Trump has always been hitting the headlines since the beginning of his election compaign. His butler revealed the following crazy facts about him. **-- He owns the house that was supposed t be presidential retreat. The house was built by a cereal heiress in 1920s. When she died she left the house to US government to make it presidential retreat. But the upkeep proved too expensive and the ownership was transferred back to her daughters, who sold it to Trump for $ 10.0 million in 1985. He turned it into a private club a decade later. **-- He usually tells lies about the history of the house. Mr Trump likes to tell people that the tiles in children's room, which are covered in nursery rhymes were painted by Walt Disney. When Mr Senecal who now serves as house historian points out it is not true. **-- Mr Trump is proud of his golf ability. His hours on course would be followed with time hitting balls into the Intracoastal Waterway, beside his butler. Mr Trump would ask, "Tony, how far is that?" It is like 275 yards. Mr Senecal would respond, though he said, the actual distance was 225 yards. **-- Mr Trump would stroll regularly through his gardens, greeting mainly his Hispanic workers. And Mr Senecal said, that he would frequently dish out $ 100 bills to the groundsmen who, surprisingly were deeply appreciative. **-- The library with centuries old British Oak bookcases filled with rare first editions was turned into a bar, said Mr Senecal. A portrait of Mr Trump with his tennis whites now hangs in the room.

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