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Monday, March 14, 2016

Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle Not Solved Yet

The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle by alltimeconspiracies

Bermuda triangle is a mythical section of Atlantic Ocean, roughly surrounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and aeroplanes have disappeared. Area referred to as Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle covers covers about 500,000 square miles of the ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida. So Bermuda Triangle is such an enigma that mankind have been unable to solve hitherto. Scientists have not got a single clue about the reasons behind its mystery. However, according to Islamic point of view it is 'Satan's' empire ruled by a Jinn. There are several unsolved incidents related to the triangle. Here are some of those:-
**-- Uss Cyclops:-- In March 1981, a massive ship with around 309 crew members set out to sail through Bermuda region. One of the crew members sent message informing status of everyone on ship and that was the last indication of their presence. After that the ship wil all of its crew members disappeared. The ship was never found found even after the entire search of the area. No remains of the ship and any of the crew members were seen. The whole scenario continues to remain an unsolved mysterious disappearance the Bermuda triangle has ever witnessed. **-- Mary Celeste:-- Mary Celeste was a ship that was found stranded stranded unscratched and without any signs of its crew in the sea on December 04, 1972. Lots of speculations suspect about pirate attack on ship. This is a big unsolved mystery till now. **-- Elen Austin:-- In 1881, the ship was already for New York and on its way it got stumbled losing all its crew The disappearance of Alen Austin, and its reappearance and absence of its crew is a mysterious story. It is one of the secrets of the area. *-- Flight 19,1945:- Flight 19 is the most well known Bermuda Triangle incidents. Flight 19 was the name given to five Avenger Torpedo bombers that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 05, 1945. Without any trace all 14 men on the flight disappeared. Later a Martin Mariner flying boat with 13 men was sent to search them out, but it also disappeared and never found again. **Witchcraft:-- 22 December of 1967, a cabin Cruiser named Witchcraft left Miami with captain Dan Burrack. After sailing for few minutes the ship hit something but luckily there was no substantial damage to the ship. After some time a call was received from captain for help. The coast guards reached there within 20 minutes, and they found nothing over there. There wa no sign of the ship. The most shocking fact about the ship was that it was unsinkable and there were many life devices available on it. So, what hppened then? No one knows. **-- Tudor Star Tiger:-- On January 30, 1948, the plane with 25 passengers left Santa Maria. The radio operator received coordinates of the aircraft just before it was reaching Bermuda region. The operator was then unable to regain the signals from the flight. The flight was unavailable through radio contact. 26 aircrafts were set into action to search out the plane for five days. But all efforts were worthless. Tudor Star Tiger was never found again and became one of the mysterious stories of Bermuda Triangle.

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