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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Former Karachi Mayor And MQM Leader Mustafa Kamal Decides To Launch New Party

Former MQM leader and once a beloved son of Altaf Hussain, Mustafa Kamal, announces to establish new political party, yet-to-be-named. He blowed whistle on Karachi's most powerful political leader in his two-hour long press conference. In an unprecedented tirade against Altaf Sahib( a notable departure from 'Bhai') he accused Altaf of being the state and the people of Pakistan. He was accompanied by former MQM leader Anees Qaim Khani. He said Altaf did not learn lesson when for the first time an Non Urdu speaking party PTI received numerous votes from MQM's stronghold, but Altaf threatened to attack innocent PTI wokers sitting in Karachi. We told Altaf not to issue such remarks but he was drunken and kept on bluffing. He said establishment as well people know that Altaf has links with RAW and he has been paid by Indian spy agency sine long. Kamal said he made Saulat Mirza a murderer.

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