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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Arbaz Khan And Malaika Arora Are Going To Split After 17 Years Marriage

The showbiz people usually have merciful personal married life though they have a lot of money and every thing of luxurient life. If the couple does not care and interfere in to each others lives like what the wife is going to do or with how many she has been involved in intimacy and vice versa then they can live with each other, otherwise they will get separated and leave the kids in merciful condition. Same thing is happening with Bollywood actor Arbaz Khan and his wife Malika Arora who are are heading towards divorce after being together for 17 years. Malaika has already moved out of couple's home and living separately wth her son. It is reported that Malaika is in relationship with a British businessman that has resulted the split. The couple has been hosting a TV show "Power Couple" but after a few episode Malaika was seen no where and Arbaz was left hosting it alone. They were married in December 1998.

What The Bollywood Celebrities Earned In 2015

Here are the Bollywood celebrities and their salaries in 2015. Have a look. Kangna Renault: It was smashing year for Bollywood Queen Kangna Renault (Picture above). 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' proved that she is the ultimately queen and well, after such a success increase in her fee is obvious. Kangna reportedly bagged Rs 11 Crores (100,1 million) for her film 'Katti Batti'. **- Zareen Khan:-
Look alike of Katrina Kaif, Zareen Khan had a grand entry in Bollywood. Dabangg Khan, Salman Khan took oath to make her top heroin of Bollywood. But. unfotunately this look alike does not get paid anything near to the earned by original. Unlike Katrina hardly earned 1.5 million rupees for 'hate story3'. *Akshay Kumar
His high-octane actions, his comic timing and flawless acting is something everyone adores. He charges Rs 400 million per film. *Deepika Pedukone-
Deepika is riding high on success with her back to back hits. With so much success on her shoulders, leggy lass now charges now charges as per will for the films. She charged Rs 100.1 million for 'Piko' with Amitabh. *--Salman Khan-
When it comes to Salman Khan, there is no comparison. This star whose film never fails to break records on box office, is probably the richest man in the film industry. Gone are the days when he used to charge onetime fee from the producers for his efforts. Salman, now demands for share in the profits made by his film instead. Through his last film "Bajrangi Bhaijan" Salman minted approximately Rs 600 million and probably more his lovely role.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tableeghi Jamaat Has Been Banned To Preach In Educational Institutions In Punjab

Tableeghi Jamaat which has head quarter at Raiwind, Lahore and holds annual religious gatherings, is the only religious party that is sincerely and truely serving the religion, more than those Khatibs and Maulanas who deliver sermons at Friday prayers in mosques, or leads five times prayers. They are serving and struggling for the real cause of Islam. They read Islamic books before limited persons because majority of the prayees do not care to listen to basic principles of Islam or Ahadis. They stroll (take gusht) in mohallas or streets weekly and remind Muslims of their forgotten Islamic duties and invite them to mosques usually after Maghrib (evening) prayers to sit a while and listen to the golden teachings of Islam by one of members of Tableeghi Jamaat, but nearly whole of the people exit mosque quickly after prayer and they are left with a few people. Still they neither get furious nor angry or dishearted. They speak to every Muslim politely and with soft language and take lead in offering Salam. They never talk about Jihad nor they invite people to fight against Non-Muslims, they only believe in preaching to convince them by their own Islamic manners. In the weekly sermon they only request Muslims to spend three days in Tableegh or 40 days in whole of their life for the purpose. When they go outside of their home towns for preaching they stay in mosques, cook for themselves, never drink tea or water from any body. They do not tease people but remind them of forgotten teachings of Islam. Unlimited number of highly educated people like professors, medical doctors, PhD doctors, engineers, high ranking officers are preaching, spreading the light of Islam in the country and abroad. They spend their own money to go in groups to foreign countries for preaching Islam and due to their sincere efforts thousands of non-Muslims have embraced Islam. Their selfless struggles are commendable. At present, the new Muslim generation of Schools and colleges who have been influenced by Indian films, negative impacts of mobile and internet are utmost in the need of awareness of Islam and need to know the basis of Islam that they have forgotten. Banning Jamaat to stay or enter into educational institutions would never be a positive or appreciable step. No doubt, their may be some black sheep who have joined Tableeghi Jamaat to fulfill their nefarious designs but as whole Tabeeghi Jamaat consists of true Muslims. Shahbaz Sharif should lift the ban from tableeghi Jamaat and allow them to preach young generation and make them aware of teachings of Islam. However, censoring the sermon of Maulvis in and around universities mosque is a positive step. They may be attracting the people for some purposes that government thinks about. BUT TABLEEGHI JAMAAT PEOPLE ARE ANGLES ON EARTH AND THE BLESSINGS OF ALLAH ON GLOBE.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Quratullain Iqrar Being Unaware That Camera Was On (Video)

Video-Quratullain Iqrar Unaware That Camera Is... by UNewsTv

Gigi And Zayn's Steamy Show In New Video

Zayn Malik annd Gigi Hadid have been keeping coy about their romance. But couple let their actions speak louder than the words. The former One Directopn member, 23, released the track and its acoompanying steamy video-and left no doubt about his relationship with 20-year-old model. So Gigi Hadid is Zayn's new video girl as well as his new real love life interest. That explains a lot. When they do not have their hands all over each other, Gigi and Zayn exchange series of kisses in the sexy video. Gigi is seen beaming up at her boyfriend of two months as she wraps her arms around his neck and he places his hands on her waist.
Throughout the video Pillowtalk, model Gigi and Zayn are shown kissing in various scenarios.

Some Of The Top Hot Actresss Over 50

Some of the best looking actresses over 50 on the list always manage to stay in the spotlight and keep a job mainly because they aged well. And the best thing about it, most of them do not need plastic surgery on call.
Adopting children has not made Sandra Bullock aged, this beauty made the 51 hotter as new mom.
Helen Mirren is obviously blessed with good genes, and she takes care of herself. Witness the year she wore that red bikini.
It is hard to believe Courtney Cox is 61 and it is still going on.
It is must be that Mississppi air she is breathing because Sela Ward never looked better. She still manages to snag major roles at her age which is a miracle.
Vanessa Williams is probably the only former Miss America who does not age a bit and she keeps a job whether on Briadway or TV.
It is well known that Christie Brinkley may not be the devil, but she must be devil's wife. No way she is 61 but still looks like Sports Illustrated cover model. She cuts a deal with him to stay this young looking.
This diva Susan Lucci is almost 70, a grandma and still does not look a day over 50.

Zika Virus That Causes New Born Babies With Abnormally Small Heads Is Spreading In America

The Zika virus is spreading explosively in America, as the global health body warned that up to four million cases of the disease are expected. WHO called for an emergency meeting on the out break of the virus, which has been blamed for the birth defect microcephaly a condition that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. The level of alarm is extremely high. The virus is now spreading explosively in Americas where 23 countries and territories have reported cases. Following its initial discovery in monkeys in Uganda's Zika forest in 1947, the disease 'slumbered' and occasionally caused a mild disease of low concern but today the situation is dramatically different. Drawing a contrast with Ebola it is stressed and Zika needs a carrier to spread and controlling the mosquito was therefore crucial to controlling the disease. Brazil has been the country hardest hit so far. Zika originated in Africa and exists in Asia and Pacific. In Brazil cases of microcephaly have surged from 160 cases a year to more than 3,718 since the out break. Columbia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Jamaica have warned women to avoid getting pregnant for the time being.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Attempts Begin To Make Close Family Friend The Next Pak Army Chief (Video)

Woman Predicting 9/11 Has Made Grim Predictions For 2016 And Further

A blind mystic who 'foresaw' the 9/11 terror attacks on the US and the Boxing day Tsunami has prophesied that Europe will be destroyed in 2016. Bugarian peasant Baba Vanga had claimed a vision came to her showing Europe bleak and desolate in 2016 following a series of catastrophes which shook the continent. The blind seer, who has been credited with 85 per cent success rate by her followers, predicted that population of Europe will diminish to zero by 2025 as Muslim invaders, believed by some to be Islamic State (ISIS) will move in to conquer EU by 2043. Vanga had also predicted that in 2018, China will become the first super power and a space probe will find 'a new form of energy' on Venus. In 1989, while predicting the attacks on Twin Towers in the USA, Vanga said," Horror, Horror!, the American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will bowling in a bush and innocent blood will be gushing." Predicting the 2004 Tsunami she had said, " a big wave will cover a large coast with villages and people where everything will disappears under water." Moreover, Vanga has also predicted great Islamic war will begin in Syria concluding in complete control of Rome in 2043. It was in 1930's that Wanga had predicted World War II. The mystic was even visited by King Boris III and Adolf Hitler. She has been making prediction since the age of 16. Babba Wanga has further predicted:-- China will be super power by 2018. 2) The ice caps will be melted by 2045. 3) The Us will launch an attack on Muslim-held Europe, using a climate-based 'instant freezing' weapons.4) The earth will be uninhabitable by 2341. 5) By 4674 humanity will will have totally assimilated with aliens. 6) In 5079 universe will end.

Some Important Inventions That Changed The World

Human are ingenious species. From the moment someone bashed a rock on the ground to make the first sharp-edged tool, to the development of Mars rovers and the internet, some key inventions specially stand out as evolutionary. *The Wheel:
Before the invention of the wheel in 3500 BC, humans were severly limited to how much stuff we could transport over land and how far. Wheeled carts facilitated agriculture and commerce by enabling transportation of goods to and from market and easing the burden of people traveling great distances. Now wheels are vital to our way of life, found in everything from clocks to vehicles to turbines. *The Nails:-
Without nails, civilization would surely crumble. The key invention dates back more than 2000 years to the Ancient Roman period, and became only possible after humans developed the ability to cast and reshape metal. Previously, wood structures had to be built by interlocking adjescent boards geometrically a much more arduous construction process. Meanwhile, the screw a stronger but harder to insert fastener is thought to have been invented by Greek scholar Archimedes in the third century of BC. **The Compass:-
Ancient mariners navigated by stars but that method did not work during the day or on cloudy nights, so it was unsafe to voyage far from land. The Chinese first invented the compass between 9th and 11th century. It was made up of lodestone, a naturally magnitized iron ore. (The picture is of the model ancient Chinese compass from Han Dynasty). ** Printing Press:
The German Johannese Gutenberg invented printing press around 1440. Key to its development was the hand mold, a new molding technique that enabled the rapid creation of large quantities of metal movable types. The other important inventions that changed the world include, the internal combustion engine, the telephone, the light bulb, Penicillin, and the internet.

Arshi Khan Has Blamed Bigg Boss 9 Selecter Of Rs 2 Million Bribery

A Mumbai-based model and actress Arshi Khan allegedly claimed that a senior official associated with the casting and selection of participants or contestants for Bigg Boss 9, had demanded Rs 2 million to make it to the controversial reality show. Arshi Khan has released a voice recording to support her claim, alleging that she has proof that she was asked to Pay Rs 20 lakhs to be selected for the reality show. The popular reality show on Colors- Bigg Boss has been mired in some cotroversy or other each year. This year Arshi Khan;s allegations are not surprising, and the same allegations were raised in the past by others as well. Reports say the Casting director was in touch with event organizer in Indore and Mumbai and was even offering official contracts to prospective participants who were ready to pay rs 15 to 20 lakh to participate in the show. Arshi Khan has sent legal notice to the channel Colors as she had cancelled several assignments and other events as a person from the Casting and Programming department had assured her that she was selected for the show and would be taken as wild card entry.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Anushka Sharma Angry On Her Leaked Video Going Viral (Video)

Anushka Sharma ANgry on her Worst Leak Video... by fun-time-pass

People Who Became Millionaires Accidentally

Every one wants to be rich. Unlimited cash, luxury are the perks super-rich holds. Hard work is esteemed to be key to reach this status, but luck playsthe gme here. Here are a few people who became filthy rich by luck or say accident. ** Josh Abramson And Rick Van Veen: In 1999, Josh and Rick, two high school classmates attending different universities, thought they had found a way to keep in touch. They launched as a way to share freshmen stories, jokes, funny pictures and videos. The site was originally meant just for two of them, but it started soon gaining attention from their friends and then friend's friends, and just in six years the site had over eight million registered users. Today it is a leading source for original comedic contents on the internet and the duo had made million of dollars in advertising and related projects. *Kevin Lewis: Sometimes all you have to do is have the right name. That was the case for a Cicinnati man in August 2013. Earlier that summer Caeser Entertainment announced it was giving away several $1 million prizes in the month of July, August and September. One of those prizes was to be awarded at Horseshoe Casino in Cicinnati. On August 13, they held the drawing and pulled out the name Kevin Lewis. Kevin Lewis happened to be there and after announcement he came forward and accepted the $ 1 million dollar check. When casino official started the verification process they soon realized that they had made a mistake and winner was other Kevin Lewis. But they did not withdraw the check and gave $ 1 million to the actual winner too. *Richard and Betty James: Richard James was a navy tool worker with a family. One day, he noticed a spring coil fall off a work bench at the shop and bounces off the floor. He though that coil could make a good toy for his children, so he brought it home. It was such a hit with his kids that he and his wife decided to market it. They made 400 Slinkys ( a name his wife coined from a swedish word sleek and sinuous) by Christmas 1945and put them on display at local Gimbel departmental store. The new toys sold out almost immediately, and before long the slinky business was thriving. The couple became millionaire in short period of time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What Khawaja Saad Rafique Has Said About Sharif Brothers In The Past (Video)

Rare video what Khawaja saad rafiq used to say... by razanaj1

Kholoe Kardashian Has Rated Her Three Wildest Sex Places

Khloe Kardashian has taken break from slamming her brother's alleged hook up with Blac Chyna to fill fans in on her own history of hook ups. Here are the full talks about intercourse, people and the most unusual places Khloe has had it. " I am not out there getting freaky in the craziest places, but I have had my fair share of chasing a thrill." Khloe wrote on her official website and app. So, where Khloe has chased these trills? "Doing it on a private plane is great, especially there are other passengers are on board. It is part of thrill. "I walked into the bathroom and then he followed, it was not exactly stealth" ' Everyine obviously knew what was going on in and when I walked out they asked if we had fun' Everyone knows from frm Khloe got this idea. Mother Kris Jenner once said she was also the member of Mite High Club.
Elsewhere Khloe rated kitchen counter as a 5 on a scale of 1-5. 'You are at home, so it is comfortable, but it is still but still it is a little different than the norm. A marble kitchen counter is sexy, thrilling and cold.' So to reiterate, go and get private plane and marble countertops if if you want to have great fun. But do not bother getting it on in the backseat of a car while someone else is driving. That is not just worth it. Do not try this at home, she wrote to conclude her unexpected fun list. ' Someone else was driving and I was in the back seat but I am a tall girl si it feels cramped, it hurts my f****ing knees. Getting down in a car is just wastage of time, because nothing happens to me, I just do not get to the finish line."
If you are down for a thrill, then by all means, but this one gets low rating from me.

Twitter Users React Over General Raheel's Extension Statement

COAS, an acronym for the Chief of Army Staff was trending top on Twitter shortly after Raheel Sharif, arguably the most powerful man in Pakistan, said he will step down from office when his tenure ends. Putting an end to speculation that he might accept extension in his tenure, General said he does not believe in extension. While his announcement was widely welcomed by political class, some social mmedia users were disappointed over his announcement, requesting him not to quit. General Raheel's predecessor Ashfaq Parvez Kiani led the army for six years accepting three years extension granted by then PPP government. Given his achievements in the battle field of North Waziristan and elsewhere and his popularity among the public some political pundits were of the view that prime minister may offer one-year extension to the army chief. General Raheel is the most coragious general , specially than his predecessor and he is efficiently carrying out operation against the terrorists and he deserves three years extension like Kiani.

TTP Commander Mullah Fazal Ullah Died In Drone Attack

According to unconfirmed reports Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan head Mullah Fazal Ullah died in a drone attack. Drone attack was carried out at his home in Afghanistan, his son and wife are also among the dead. Five people were killed in this attack. It is not certain yet that who conducted the drone attack.Whether the drone attack was done by USA or Pakistan.

Monday, January 25, 2016

ShahRukh's Off Camera Activity With Sanam Jung (Video)

Blooper Alert What Happened Behind The Scene Of... by zemtv

Are Angelina And Brad Pitt Splitting?

Gossip Mongers have got a new treat, media is buzzing with the news that Brangelina is heading towards divorce. US based site alleged that Angelina and her 17 months husband are looking to part ways. Brad Pitt plans to file paperwork as soon as February while both are separated filming their respective movies on the opposite side of the globe. Angelina and Brad will \remain civil' during special occasion following their split for the sake of their children. Despite the recent claims that it is Angelina and Brad's constant fighting is tearing their marriage apart, Jolie admitted in an interview that the two had their problems, just like other couples in the world. It has been said the two had been living living separate lives in the recent months.

Muslim Men Are Allowed To Rape Non-Muslim Women--- Saud Al Saleh From Al Azhar

An Islamic professor Saud Saleh from Alazhar University Cairo, Egypt, has allegedly claimed Muslim men are allowed by Allah to rape Non _muslim women, in order to 'humiliate' them which has opened a new gate for hot debate in western countries. In a television interview Saleh appears to try to discourages the purchase of slaves from Asian countries for sex, claiming Allah has givn Muslim men legitimate way to have sexual relations with slave women. It is believed she claimed only 'legitimately' owned slaves come from among persons from war. Saleh allegedly said "the female prisoners of wars are those 'whom you own'". In order to humiliate them, they become the property of army commander or or of a Muslim, he can have sex with them just like he has sex with his wives. A professor of history at Florida State University said Saleh's alleged comments are disheartening coming from a professor from Suni Islam's most prestigious University, which is more than 1,000 years old. He is concerned the statement could be viewed as approval for the enslavement of Yazidi women by ISIS -also known as Daesh.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Some Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

B-Town Babe, Alia Bhatt has been the great addition to the film industry. Since her first debut she has been always kissing the headlines. Here are some facts about this talented and fresh diva. Her parents are well known personalities of movie making industry. Mahesh Bhatt needs no introduction he is one of the most successful producer, director, play writer. Her mother Soni has acted in many movies and serials. Alia makes paintings with charcoal to relax in free time. She is pro at handball and had registered in dancing school at the age of 4. She was first seen in Sangharsh in 1999. She played younger Pretty Zinta in the movie. She never wanted to be launched by her father in her first movie. She actually gave audition for the Student of the Year like 500 other odd girls. She was selected by Karan Johar, on the pre condition that she will lose weight for the character in the movie. She was singing play back along with Zeb for the song Sooha Saaha in Highway.

Can Not Marry Imran Khan Because He Is Of My Father's Age-- Meera

After proposing Imran Khan several times on media and getting no response from Khan, Lollywood's controversial actress Meera currently changed her words and said I can not marry Imran Khan as he is of my father's age group. She said there is a lot of difference in her and Khan's age. Did she not know about his age when she was repeatedly proposing Khan for marriage on media? She said she would not marry him if he himself proposes me for marriage. She said she will join PTI if Khan offered her as her daughter. Neither PTI needs your membership Meera! nor Khan can marry a a woman like you who is not less than a pros! Mind it. He is Pathan and a Pathan can not marry a woman like Meera.

Woman Posing As Muslim On Tinder Gets Profile Blocked

A You Tube Comedian created two identical profiles on Tinder- A muslim and a Christian one- as a social experiment "Muslin Versus Christian On Tinder" to see users' reactions to each profile. For the Muslim profile Canadian comedian, Davison donned Hijab (headscarf) whereas in other one her head remains uncovered. She gave both profiles identical bios, naming both Sara aging 27-year-old. Davison, who runs You Tube channel for experiments called LOLPervs, opened up the preferences to men ages 18 to 40
and began attempting to make matches. Interestingly, she did not mention her matches in either of her profiles, letting people assume that her floral headscarf would get the message across. After working through hundred of swipes -120 every 12 hours- and finding hundred of matches, Davison found that Christian Sara was more popular of the two, despite initially noting that the interactions for both the accounts were pretty standard for the first 12 hours.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

FightBetween Mahira Khan And Wasay Chaudhary (Video)

Fight Between Mahira Khan and Vasay Chaudhry in... by UNewsTv

Some Secrets Of The People Who Never Get Sick

These days every one is in constant battle with the cold that is circulating this winter. But healthy people have the secrets to win. Following are the few of these secrets. **-- A Low Calorie- Diet: Calorie Restriction, Lowering your average daily calorie intake by about 20 to 30 percent has been making headlines for years its promise (primarily based on animal studies) to lengthen people's lives. Recent studies have shown that eating less could lower your risk of aging related diseases cardiovascular disease diabetes and possibly even Alzheimer's disease. *8-Cold Showers: Cold shower is not only accredited for good health but preventing dry skin. Some small studies have found immunity benefits to cold showers and baths. **-- A Balanced pH: Your body prefers blood pH to be around 7.4 on gthe alkaline side of neutral. And it will do a lot to keep it there, including, some say, pulling mineral out of your bones to counteract elevated acidity, which can be caused to excess of foods very common in our modern diet, including red meat, sugar and refined grains. So, boost your intake to fresh vegetables, especially leafy greens and cut back on processed food.

TTP Threatened To Attack Educational Institutions Instead Of Military

Tehreek e Taliban Peshawar Commander Umar Mansoor in his fresh statement has warned more attacks on schools, colleges and other educational institutions country wide. TTP commander has issued a video statement in which he directed TTP workers across the country to attack educational institutions claiming that these are against Islam and Allah. He explained the reason for attacking Bacha Khan University Charsadda that the youngster who pass from this institute become lawyers, bankers and politicians who challenge Allah's system. He further said that now TTP will attack educational institutions instead of military.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Indian Media Is Crying On Former President Parvez Musharraf's Threat (Video)

How Indian Media Is Showed Pervez Musharraf... by ayaz18