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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Women Gain Weight After Marriage And Men After Divorce

In a study it was revealed that likelihood of gaining weight increases in women after marrying and in men after divorce. The study conducted at the Ohio State University by a team headed by Damtari Neuman says that when greater like these occur in one's life there is possibility of gaining weight. The likelihood of gaining weight is higher after marriage or divorce in the individuals above thirty years of age. More than 10000 experimental units consisting of men and women were surveyed from 1986 to 2008, in the United States. The data on their marital status and weight were collected. Researchers specially studied the increase in weight after marriage or divorce of the participants. The vgain in weight from 7 to 20 pounds was ranked as low status, while more than 20 pounds increase in weight was termed as that of higher rank.
The researchers found that 46 % of the women had more likelihood of gaining weight after marriage, while the trend of gaining weight in men after marriage was not much. However, after divorce this trend in men was more. The weight gaining trend was higher after marriage or divorce in the individuals at the timer if they were more than 30 years of age, while was more high in those persons who were more older.
Though the researchers did not reveal the reasons behind the weight gaining, but it is guessed that as women get busy in domestic affairs and have little time for exercise so they gain weight. While it was concluded that after marriage wives keep control and care the diets and schedules of husband's meals so men do not gain weight while they are deprived of this the care and proper timings of meals so they become bulky.

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