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Monday, February 13, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton Of The USA Was Convicted For Contempt Of Court

In the 300 years long history the USA, there had been confrontation between the supreme court and the presidents. But this conflict proved to be advantageous for the country in the sense that better law system developed and rule of law continue prevail in the country. When in 1974, president Richard Nixon acted unlawfully he had to go home in an insulting manner. Though he enjoyed immunity under the law but due injuring the trust of the public he had to quit.
In 1999, newly elected president Bill Clinton was indicted for contempt of court and and he was fined.In January, 1998, Bill Clinton taking oath sweared that he had no illicit relations with the White House official Monica Lewinsky.But, afterwards, Monica presented her spotted dress in the court and the DNA matched with that of Clinton proving that he lied before the court. On the basis of the lie the judge Suzanne Right of supreme court convicted him for contempt of court and fined $ 90000 so that in future no high ranking officer dare to lie before the court. Thus, Bill Clinton was the first American president who was sentenced for contempt of court.
During 2001 when Bill Clinton was leaving White House a case of harassing Powell a Jones was in the court against him. To end the case he agreed to get his lawyer's license suspended for 5 years in Arkansas.
In the USA or European, presidents, Pm's or minister lose office on lieing or being involved in any sexual crime. The laws and rules are followed, otherwise in developing countries, ruler digest national money and law can do nothing. During last days Britain"s Energy minister Cris had to resign because of lying. He was caught on over speeding through video camera twice in March and May 2003. But he lied before the court saying that both the time car was driven by his wife. But, recently, his wife after getting divorce from him disclosed the fact. Police sued him for lying but Cris resigned to avoid facing the court.

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