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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starving Yourself On Alternate Days Can Make Your Life Longer

What the latest and modern science is telling now to the people , Islam had told the human beings 1500 years before, that to eat less and leave eating while you still need two mouthfuls will prolong your life. Fast for one month a year, it will not only reward you in the life hereafter but will adjust and maintain and overhaul your digestive system to prolong your life in this world with healthy body. The golden principles of Islam gives the human how to live in the world and how to make your life easiest and comfortable after ward.
Starving yourself on alternate days can make you live longer, according to scientists.
A group of Americans have said that fasting on and off can boost brain power and help to lose weight at the same time. The National Institutes for Aging said their research was based on giving animals the bare minimum of calories required to keep them alive and results showed they lived up to twice as long.
The diet has since been tested on humans and appears to protect the heart, circulatory system and brain against age-related diseases like Alzheimer's. Dietery energy restriction extends lifespan and protects the brain and cardiovascular system against age-related disease,' said Mark Mattson, head of the laboratory of neurosciences at the NIA and professor of neuroscience at John Hopkins University in Baltimore. 'We have found that dietary energy restriction, particularly when administered in intermittent bouts of major caloric restriction, such as alternative day fasting, activates cellular stress response pathways in neurones,' he said to the Sunday Times.
In one set of experiments, a group of mice were only fed on alternate days while others were allowed to eat daily.
Both groups were given unlimited access to food on the days they were allowed to eat and eventually consumed the same amount of calories.

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