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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Rulers Who Appeared In The Courts For The First Time In Human History Were Muslims

Islam, the truth, the true religion in the universe teaches its followers, do justice, maintain equality and peace in the world. No human being be hurt from you regarding your hands or tongue. I am not a preacher but all Muslims know that. I am just narrating a truth about Islam ( History books are witness to it) that is proved by the behavior of Caliphs and Muslims at their time, the era of Islam when Muslims had conquered Iraq and territories of Greater Iran. Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) the second Muslim caliph was leading the Muslim Ummah, whose name shook the great leaders of Rome (Kaiser) and Iran (Qisra). Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) bought a horse from a Baddo ( Villeger), the horse looked healthy and stronger, Caliph paid the price and rode on the back of the horse. When horse ran for some distance, Hazrat Farooq realized that the horse had some defect in the leg. He came back to Baddo and wanted to return the horse but Baddo refused saying that when you bought it and examinerd it , horse looked healthy I would not pay back the money. These were the wording of a villager before the second Caliph, because Islam had empowered a villager--- power of justice the power of rule of law. (There is no immunity in Islam for ruling class as Pakistani leaders claim to have. All the individuals have equal rights, whether he is king, or a beggar.)
It was decided between the the second Caliph and the villager to get the matter decided by a third person. Baddo appointed not the Caliph, Hazrat Farooq e Azam, an unknown person as a judge and the Caliph agreed. The judge was not an experienced or older person , but was a young man of 26-26 years age. He was Sharee Bin Haris, who migrated from Yemen to Medina Munawwara and embraced Islam before Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique(RA). So, the poor villager and the second Caliph Hazrat Unar Farooq appeared before the judge.
The younger judge also knew the rules and principles of Islam, He asked the second Caliph with out any fear but politely and with respect, " Khalifa tul Muslameen, when you purchased the horse, was it healthy and alright". Caliph said "Yes sir". Hearing this the judge Sharee gave verdict, " Ya Amir either you keep the horse with yourself or return it back as healthy as you bought it."
Re-known Arab scholar and a historian Allama Zahbi writes in his book "Saer ul Aalam ul nubula" that though this decision was against the Caliph but Hazrat Unar Farooq accepted it and kept horse with himself. Not only Caliph accepted the decision but was so impressed by the intelligence, courage, truthfulness and justice that Hazrat Umar Farooq appointed Sharee bin Haris the chief justice of Kofa. Hazrat also fulfilled the expectations of Second Caliph and performed his duty as judge for 60 years and benefited the Muslims with justice. Fourth Caliph also appeared before him regarding a case of "iron or armoured dress " (Zara) that is used in battles.

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