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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meera Is Being Sued By Father Of Her Fiance

Pakistani American Raja Pervez, who is the father of actress Meera’s fiance, has decided to initiate legal action against the star for swindling him out of $400,000, and not handing over a house in the Defence area of Lahore he had bought from her.
According to family sources, Raja Pervez asked his lawyer on Tuesday to initiate legal action against the actress. He has also renounced Irtza Rubab, commonly known as Meera, as the fiance of his son Captain (retd) Naveed Pervez. Raja Pervez said he had entered into a deal with actress Meera to buy a furnished house No 164 in GG Block of DHA for Rs20 million from her. A deed was signed by him and Meera in this regard and it was decided that the actress would hand over the house to him in six months. Actress Meera received a Bank of New York pay order worth US$400,000 from Raja Pervez on Oct 14, 2009 and both sides agreed that Meera would deduct the price of her house from the pay order and return the remaining amount to Pervez after encashing it.
Meera also sent a receipt, duly signed by herself and her mother Mrs Shafqat Zuhra Bukhari, to Raja Pervez after receiving the pay order. The pay order was deposited in Meera’s account titled Meera Enterprise in Al-Mashriq Bank of Dubai, and the amount was transferred to the account.
Raja Pervez said later on Meera neither hand him over the house nor returned the money, deposited in her account. Whenever she was asked for possession of the house, she used dillydallying tactics, and still one of her relatives was living in that house.
He said he had sent Meera a legal notice through his lawyer in this regard, but she did not respond to it. He said meanwhile Meera came to his house in the USA, but he did not ask her about the house possession as he was busy in the wedding ceremony of his daughter that day.
Raja Pervez said he would also contact Attique, who claims to be the husband of Meera, soon and extend him all help against Meera, and also seek his help. When he was asked why did he engage his son Naveed Pervez to Meera when the actress had deprived him of $400,000, he became emotional. He said his son was also repenting his decision of getting engaged to Meera after theft of his very costly wrest watch. He said his son purchased a diamond ring for Rs850,000 from a jewellery shop at MM Alam Road and gave it to Meera at the engagement ceremony. He said he had consulted his legal adviser and soon an FIR would be registered against Meera.

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