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Monday, February 13, 2012

In The Era Of Caliphate, Emperors Have Been Appearing In The Courts

In the age of Amvi and Abbasia caliphates, the caliphs appeared in the courts when summoned by the justices. Abu Jafer Mansoor appeared in the court when his his official forcibly wanted to take camels of a poor man for loading the royal baggage from Medina to Baghdad and camel riders refused. The camel owner reached to the court of justice of Medina and Caliph was called by court to answer and Abu Mansoor appeared in the court.
Similarly, in the age of Abbasi Sultanate of Al Qadir Billah, Abu Hamid us Safra was the chief justice of Baghdad. Once Caliph did not act on the directives of the justice, Justice wrote a hardest letter in hardest words and threatened the sultan that if he did not implement courts orders and court is not respected, Caliph will be thrown away from palace, if he wrote few words to the public.
In India, the the third emperor of Ilyas Shahi in Bengal, Ghias ud Din Azam Shah liked justice in his sultanate and respected scholars, religious leaders and the judges. In his reign there was a chief justice Siraj ud Din, who was bold and courageous and did not care for the government while deciding the cases according to law and justice. Daughter of a widow woman was killed by chance by hitting the arrow thrown by king. Widow sued the Sultan and he appeared in the court of Siraj ud Din. King was indicted and was only exempted when he paid compensation money to the widow with her consent. Qazi( Judge) then stood for the respect of Sultan. Sultan showed hidden sword to the Qazi and said if he had not decided the case justifiably I (Sultan) would have killed him. Then Qazi took out the lash hidden under his chair and said to the king By Allah if he (King) had crossed the limits of Sharia he would have made his (king's_back red with the lash. Both thanked Allah that they got successful in a difficult test.
These were Muslim independent rulers and their judges who did not care for Caliph. But today, PM and ruling class do not obey the courts. If they appear in the court that is made a slogan of the party for ever, and they and their party workers repeat it thousand timers a day.

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