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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ruler Who Had Been Deceiving The Law

In the developed country there seems rule of law and justice. But, there is one example too that is a like a spot on the good name of the west for justice. The black spot is the former Italian prime minister Selio Berlosakoni. This person got wealth through fraud, corruption and cheating and entered in the politics on the basis of money. He remained the prime minister of Italy for 17 years , intermittently. Meanwhile he faced several cases but he escaped.
The special personal guts of Berlo Sakoni, when he was in power, were to avoid the courts where his cases were to be heard. So, with the support of his party members he constituted several such laws that made him save from cases, law and courts. Thus he kept extending his rule.
Berlo Sakoni is the owner of a largest Media company "Media Set" in Italy. So, his newspapers and TV networks presented him like a "God", though was extremely corrupt morally. To hire prostitutes was his habit and to practice political conspiracies was his nature. But, judges were continuously chasing him and at last grip of law was tightened around him and was sent to home. This was a great success of judiciary and law and people also paid attributes to judges.
In January 2010, when prime minister Bersaloni felt that the court of Milan is going to summon him in two cases fraud and corruption, he got his temporary immunity approved by the senate. On the basis of immunity he got the right not to appear before the court due to his important public responsibilities.
Public prosecutors of Milan accessed to the supreme court against the immunity of PM.In January, 2011, hundreds of judges protested against the immunity and they pleaded that the law was formulated for protecting the prime minister.
On January 2011 the supreme court rejected the immunity law in a decision saying that it was against the article 3 of the law. Court wrote in its decision that all the citizens of Italy according to this article are equal socially,there is no discrimination on the basis of race, creed, religion or sex in the law. The decision was favored by 112 judges while 2 opposed.
After the immunity was rejected Bersaloni was forced to appear before the court after 8 years on March 28, 2011. But his counsels were so smart that they kept the cases hanging in the courts through dates of appearance in the courts after longer intervals. He used different tactics through money or threat to avoid the grip of law. He was so shameless that he expressed proudly that between "1994 and 2006, 789 magistrates and prosecutors tried their best to send Bersaloni behind the bars but failed to humiliate the votes of Italian people. Courts could do nothing about me and I am proud that Italians will have an effective judiciary system."
He said In 2007 that "I faced the courts like a crusader, during the last 13 years police raided my companies 557 timers, my advocates appeared in the courts for 2500 times including me to participate in the court activities and I paid 180 million Euros to my counsels." Among the lawyers Nicolas Sarkozi was also his counsel who was elected president of France afterwards. May Allah save each country including Pakistan from corrupt rulers.

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