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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fatal Adverse Effects Of Some Medicines

Punjab Institute Cardiology in Pakistan is a famous hospital and heart patients usually visit the institute for heart trouble. The expert doctors examine the patients and prescribe medicines and some are distributed to them free of cost. Few weeks back many heart patients suffered from low number of platelets and hospitalized but the number of affectees was in thousands and some of them recovered but 120 lost their lives.
The matter was invested on high level and laboratory tests of the tablets were conducted in and outside the country which revealed that one of the medicines had dangerous high level of a chemical called piremethamine. This chemical is usually used in the drugs prescribed for malaria treatment and it lowers folic acid level in human body. This acid help body to make blood but in the medicine its quantity was 10 times higher. So, the patient taking 2 tablets per day received 20 times more piremethamine. So, the firstly patients new blood ceased to regenerate and then heart attack caused their death. Though this happened due to wrong constituent of chemical in the tablets but still some medicines taken at a time cause fatal consequences due to interacting with each other.
Today medicines taking is the daily routine of many people. These save our lives from diseases. Hundreds of people take vitamin and mineral tablets, some control hepatitis, diabetes, blood pressure and several other disorders so the importance of medicines can not be overlooked. But, it is a fact too that medicines could turn into having negative role instead of positive one, in six ways. These are commonly called side affects and medically known as "adverse drug reaction". These side affects should not be considered as ordinary ones because according to a recent report this is the sixth cause of death in the world.
The latest American medical reports revealed that the adverse drug affects target nearly 2 million to 3 million people in the USA and out of them one million lose their lives. The six causes adverse reactions are:-
*--- Two kind of medicines react with each other.
*--- Medicines and food mixing may create negative affects.
*--- Reaction of alopathic and herbal medicines.
*--- Some clash between disease and medicine i.e. the medicine if could not treat
the disease may start creating side affects.
*--- Medicine may produce allergy specially on skin.
*--- Wrong diagnosis or prescription of a medical doctor.
Those men and women may face side affects of medicines who take more than two medicines daily. They must consult doctor if they are taking different kinds of medicines for different treatments. They can also benefit from Internet facility where they can find guidelines for taking medicines.

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