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Friday, February 24, 2012

100 The Most Influential Personalies In The Human History--Michal Hart (1)

We the Muslims believe in Allah and after Him the greatest and the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba sulla Llaho Alaiha Wassalam (PBUH). We love our prophet more than our lives, children and than any other worldly thing. We are the followers of true religion in the Universe and for the humanity. Our Prophet is the last one , no other prophet will come after Him. He Is Khatam ul Mursaleen. For us He is the First and the Last. All this is believed by Muslim and is part of our religion. and belief. But, when you read or listen by a non Muslim that Your Great Prophet is the First of all the scholars, intellectuals, scientists, politicians, religious leaders, administrators and the inventors who have taken birth in the world till to-day ( but we believe those who will take birth till the Day of Judgment), how much you will feel gladness and happiness that would have no bounds.
Michal Hart is the author who wrote a book," 100 Most Influential Persons In History". He ranked our Prophet on number 1 among those politicians, scholars, religious leaders and prophets who left long-lasting and permanent impacts on the mankind regarding religious, wisdom, intelligence, politics, in science or inventions. Michal Hart who ranked our grand prophet as No. 1 is a Christian, living in the surrounding that have Christianity as their religion, but he wrote the book impartially and ranked His Prophet Jesus Christ(Ibn e Mariam) on No 3. He ranks Neuton on No 2 between the two Great Prophets. He gives the reason to keep Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH)on No first that the personal sole role of our great prophet(PBUH) in the promotion of Islam was highly prominent, whereas the promotion of Christianity was due to more than one person Hazrat Isa (AH). He termed Saint Paul on No 6 and writes that his role in the promotion of teachings of Christianity and diverting the attention of the people to the religion was more. He declared the Prophet of Islam as a bright star in the galaxy and says that some people will be astonished and some will criticize but He the Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) was the only great historical personality who was the most successful equally on the both the religious and worldly fronts. Michal Hart further writes, "Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) founded the world's great religion and spread ed it in the whole world."

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