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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The USA Shows Concerns Over Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline

If USA is not seeking to interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan then why it has concerns over the pipe line. The USA should not interfere in the sovereignty of independence of Pakistan, let Pakistan should decide in the greater interests of the people. The USA has not to worry about Pakistan, Obama must worry about his falling graph of popularity. He may not be elected for the second term.
United States is not seeking to interfere in Pakistani internal issues, said state department on Friday.
During a daily press briefing here, US State Department's Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said that if the Pakistan and Iran gas pipeline does go forward, and there have been a lot of false starts and backing and forthing on that, US have issues of concern on the pipeline which US had been very clear about those with the government of Pakistan.
Answering a question, Nuland said that the US is not seeking to interfere in their internal issues.

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