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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bull Fighting Has Been Banned In Spain

The year 2011 left the world with many good and bad news. The best and satisfying news for the animal- lovers in East and West was the announcement of ban on bull fighting in Spain. Catalonia and Barcelona in Spain are the two important centers for this bloody and wildly game.
Near the northern coast of Spain and situated on the border of France, Catalonia is included among the 17 independent states of Spain that remained the center of activities of socialists, anarchists and syndicalist. Barcelona was also among these centers and played an important role in the independence of Catalonia. It got independence in 1930. In the state 18000 people having sympathy for animals and the protectors of animal rights presented their opinion to end bull fighting. On December 18, 2009, the majority of Catalonia n parliament taking action and decided according to the will of the people.On July 28, 2010, parliament approved the bill and made it law. The Catalonia is the second state where bull fighting is banned the first was Cannery Island that banned it in 1991. Catalonia and Barcelona were the world bull fighting centers. The ban has been implemented since January 01, 2012 and the bull fighting on September 25, 2011 was the last of its kind in the 600 year history of bull fighting in the the state.
In addition to Catalonia and Barcelona, Madrid and Andalusia cities of Spain are also important centers of bull fighting. Uptill now, 15 bull fights have been held annually. Six bulls had been killed in each fight.In Spain, 1700 bulls were used for fighting during 2010 and 6500 animal farm houses have also been involved in the bull fights.

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