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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Preparations For Sports' World Grand Event Are Underway In London

Olympics are the oldest and biggest event in the world of games. More than 200 countries participate in the Olympics. This great event is held in winter and summer seasons. This time summer Olympic games will be held in London. Tens of millions of sports fans and players will be gathering from July 27, and will stay till August 12, 2012 in the historic city of London. This will be the third time that London will host the Olympics.This grand event was held during 1908 and 1948 here. The last date for submission of applications for hosting the 2012 Olympics was July 15, 2003. The applications were received from nine cities, collectively. The cities included, in addition to London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris, Havana, Istanbul, Revedi Janero and Leipzig. In 2004 only 5 candidates could qualify for the second phase, while in on July 06, 2005 London won the race.
Being host country for the Olympics is a great honor. The successful event not only improves the image of the country and the city on world level, but, economic activities are also promoted. The event also provides chances of temporary employment of multifarious jobs for the host city. Due to Olympic games 0.1 millions jobs are expected to be created in London, for which recruitment is being done. The jobs include from catering services and information technology to cleanliness. The employment will helpful to the unemployed and foreign students in the city. In addition, millions of spectators will give boost to the tourism industry.
Holding of Olympics gives rise a city within the city as arrangements for stay and foods for thousands of the players and officials are made. Stadiums and venues are constructed for the games. The recreational and traveling facilities are provided to the millions of incoming sport fans. Tight Security measures are done to avoid any untoward incident. A huge is required for the comprehensive planning of all the measures.British government has constituted an organizational committee that has started efforts to make the event memorable one.

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