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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Medicines Sometimes Become Enemies

It was during June 2009 when the most popular singer of the world Michal Jackson was preparing for his concert show" This is it" and he had hired the services of a medical doctor Konard Murray to keep him healthy. Michal was suffering from insomnia, so doctor prescribed the tablets Proponill for sleep and that made Michal to have sleep. But, Michal did not know that when this medicine is taken along with other medicines to get relief of depression could result in dangerous effects. Michal was taking the medicines for depression i.e. leurzapam and medazolam. This was the fatal interaction of all the three medicines that caused sever heart attack and due to which Michal Jackson died on June 25, 2009.
*--- Fifty eight year Larry is the inhabitant of London. He suffered from stomach disease Bowl Sinodreem 2 years back. Doctor suggested him to take Triflouperzine having brand name ( Stellazine), but incapable doctor did not know that this medicines is not given to bowl sinodreem patients. Larry used the medicine for six months but the initial symptoms of parkinsoism appeared in him. In the disease muscles are pulled and patient feels trouble in walking and getting up and down. Larry's doctor did not realized that his prescribed medicine produced this disease. So doctor suggested eldopa for the treatment of parkinsoism along with previous medication. Larry did not recover even after 6 month period.
He was too tired of the doctor's treatment that he visited another doctor specialized in Perkin's disease. He was an experienced doctor, he studied his full history of sickness and came to know that the patient's disease was due to taking triflouperzine medicine. So he stopped this medicine and during next few months he also stopped Larry taking Eldopa. Larry got soon recovered and there was no symptom of Perkin's.

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