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Friday, February 10, 2012

History Of Bull Fighting

In the prehistoric age the bulls were worshiped and were sacrificed too.It is thought that bull fighting was held in Rome some 4000 years before and it was a popular game.The first bull fighting was played in 1387. Classic bull fighting has been done in Spain, Portugal, South France, and the countries of South America like Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. Mexico city has a stadium with 48000 seating capacity for bull fighting that indicates its popularity in the country.
In Ecuador, on March 17, 2010 president Rafad Correa banning on the bull fighting sought the opinion of the public and the majority of the people favored the ban. The bull fighting game was introduced in Uruguay during 1776 and in Argentine it was started in 1912. But Argentina canceled this event immediately after getting freedom. Bull fighting came in Cuba when it was a colony but here too it was ban just after freedom in 1901. Withthe wastage of lives of bulls as well as of humans during 18th and 19th centuries this game remained controversial and movements against and for have been going on. On many occasion it had been banned in different countries.
The traditional bull fighting in Spain is called Corrida De Toros and it was at its peak during 19th century. Spain is very well known for this event and is recognized by bull fighting..

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