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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Logo And Mascot For 2012 London Olympics

The logo of London Olympics was prepared by an International company for 0.4 million pounds. The logo was exhibited in June 2007. The Olympics logo consists of the digits of year 2012. In the zero of 2012, Olympics symbols, 5 circles have been made, while the the word of London in English is written in the first digit 2 of the year.
The official mascot of London Olympics was exhibited during May 2010 for the first time. It is actually animation indicating two steel circles. These have been named after two villages Sharop Shire and Buckingham Shire as Wenlock and Manda ville.
*---- Olympic Park And Olympic Stadium
For the Olympic event, in the most back area of Eastern London 2.5 sq km land has been purchased for 766 million pounds and developmental work for the construction of Olympic work had been carried for the last few years and now the work is near completion.
The 2012 Olympic games will also be held on the existing and temporary places or venues along side in the newly constructed Olympic park. Among these famous sites like Hyde Park and Horse Horse Gaurds Parade are also included. Venues have been distributed in three zones, i.e. Olympic zone, river zone and central zone. These zones are located within the limits of greater London. In addition, outside greater London other venues will also be used like Way-mouth and Port Land National Sailing Academy where where boating matches will be held. Foot ball matches played through out the country on different grounds.
To keep the park green plantations of 35000 plants of different kinds and lawn grass have been done. "London 2012 Garden " has also 0.12 million plants of different 250 varieties. Olympic stadium 2012 constructed for the summer Olympics is an important place. It has 80000 seating capacity and is third biggest stadium of Britain. Different kinds of 40 matches of twenty-six games will be held in the stadium.The construction work on stadium was started in mid of 2007 and was completed on March 29, 2011 at the cost of 486 million pounds.

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