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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Largest Protest In The History Of Internet Against SOPA And PIPA

On November 18, 2011, when house of representatives discussed SOPA for the first time, seveal websites had waved black bantings on home pages as a protest. And termed the day as "American Censorship Day". The users of a social website "Reddit", suggested that thousand of sites together should mark a protest day against SOPA law. Meanwhile, protests started against the websites who were favoring the law, like a big domain issuing site "GoDady". But, Other famous websites threatened Godady that if it did not withdraw its favor, then they will delete its 1000 domains. Dodady could not bear it and withdrew its favor.
Reddit was the first important website that announced to celebrate January 20 as Internet "black day". Soon other websites joined and number reached to 0.1 million that took participated in the protest. This was the largest ever protest by the Internet companies in the history of Internet. Wikipedia also remained down for a longer time from the access of users from January 18 and first page carried the slogan," imagine the world without free information". The web browser Mozilla wrote on its first page ," congress wants to impose censorship and help us in the war for keeping the net free and contact your congress leader of the area today."
Google published its logo with black margin and delivered a message to the users," Tell the congress for God sake do not target the web with censorship."
Google,Wikipedia and Mozilla also published the email addresses and telephone numbers of the offices of members of congress, so that Americans may contact the members and record their protest. Thus 140 million Americans recorded their protests in in the offices of the congress members.
American politicians are not so much afraid of terrorists as they are of their voters and public. This mass protest was the basic reason that changed the history.The entertainment industry was sure till January 18 that SOPA and PIPA will be passed in the congress.
Knowing the passions and sentiments of the public, American congressmen started telling the people on facebook and twitter that they are against the laws. So, at last the discussion on SOPA and PIPA was postponed for an indefinite period.

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