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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Card Of Diana To "George" In 1989 May Fetch Thousand Of Pounds

ShE was one of the most attractive and glamorous women the world has ever known. So when a former footman and valet in the Royal Household received this Valentine’s Day card from Princess Diana, you can imagine how thrilled he must have been.
The pink personalised card addressed to ‘George’ and signed by the popular Princess was anonymously sent by Diana in 1989, when she was still married to Prince Charles. However, the card is far from a romantic gesture to a lover, instead being a practical joke sent to loveless employees at the Royal Household.
George, whose surname has not been released by his family, worked in The Royal Household of Prince Charles. Diana wrote the card to George and had it secretly handed to him in a pink envelope.
It is now up for sale after the family of George who died recently decided to part with the Diana memorabilia to help fund a new life abroad.
Mark Riddle, who owns Memorabilia UK, tasked with selling the extremely rare card, said: ‘The family of George contacted me after his death saying they wanted to sell his collection of Diana artefacts.

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