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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thai Prime Minister Was Ousted On The Violation Of Constitution

In September 2008, the power of supreme court was exhibited when Thai prime minister had to leave prime minister house on the violation of the constitution. Thus it was proved that law is the supreme power in any country.
It happened so that the parliamentary elections of December 2007 in Thailand were won by People Power Party, and its head Samak Sandrovech was elected as new prime minister of Thailand. But many Thais considered him the puppet of former prime minister Thakson Snina Watraka. Protests started against him soon.
Till August 2008, protests took strength and protesters encircled prime minister house,government buildings and airports. Thus Bangkok's life came to stand still. Samak declared controversial emergency and handed over Bangkok to army. But interestingly, his government was not dismissed due to imposing emergency but due to having "interest in cooking".
Actually, Samak was governor of Bangkok in 2008, and he had been performing two shows about cooking on Thai Television. People had been taking interest in his shows. But there is a lot of difference in cooking and government business. This hobby ruined his political career.
In June , 2008, the senators of opposition filed a petition in the supreme court on the plea that prime minister has violated the constitution by performing on TV show. This case ended in September and supreme court gave verdict that under the article 182 and 267 of the constitution, prime minister and the minister can not serve in any private company and he is getting pay for "cooking show" so he violated the constitution, so supreme court not only dismissed prime minister but his 25 member cabinet too.
Samak had to obey the the court decision, however, he could be elected prime minister again after getting majority votes in the parliament, therefore, people power party announced to re-elect Samak, but some of the party members opposed on the ground that they would not elect a court convicted leader as prime minister. Thererfore, the brother-in-law of Thakson was elected as new prime minister and Samak disappeared from the political scene and died of cancer in November, 2009.

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