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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tunisans-- The Pioneers Of People's Revolution In The Region

It was Muhammad Albu Azizi who sacrificed his life and leveled the way for a revolution in the country. He used to sell vegetables on hand-cart and had to pay bribery to police men for getting place for his cart. On 17th of December 2010, 26 year Azizi set himself on fire due to the harsh and insulting attitude of police. This sad tragedy ablaze the streets of Tunisia and people came out for the protests against the dictatorship.
Zain Ul Abadeen Bin Ali had been ruling the country since 1978. When he came into power Tunisia was near to be declared as bankrupt. He implemented positive monitory policies that made the country stand on stronger economic ground. His policies resulting in the increase of per ca pita income and made the country stronger with respect to economic conditions. Tunisia is rich in petroleum reserves, and other sources of income are mining and tourism.
Though former president Zain Ul Abadeen helped making the country stronger economically but its fruits could not reach to the lower sect of people. In the rural areas poverty and ignorance prevailed and unemployment rate increased. But president had been using his dictatorial tactics as ruler of this type do. Freedom of opinion was banned, human rights were demolished, any body voicing against all this was tortured and police was empowered to crush the opposition. All these cruelties and brutalities of the government caused the uproar among the masses. In addition to this Wikileaks disclosures about the government deeds doubled the up rise during the first week of December.

Facebook Movie Hopes To Make More Friends

Facebook movie "The Social Network" hopes to make more friends Tuesday when this year's Oscar nominations are to be announced, as the climax to Hollywood's annual awards season looms.
But rivals vying for Academy Awards glory include British historical drama "The King's Speech," which many say could come good at the Oscars despite its disappointing Golden Globes showing earlier this month.
Movies also likely in the running for Oscars awards next month include Globes winners "Black Swan" and "The Fighter," lesbian parenting film "The Kids are Alright" and the Coen brothers' update of the Western classic "True Grit."
Hollywood watchers claim one of the safest Oscar bets is Colin Firth for best actor as the stammering King George VI, while Natalie Portman is tipped for best actress for her role in ballet-themed drama "Black Swan."
Jeff Bridges also has a buzz behind him for what would be his second Oscar in a row for "True Grit," while actress tips include Julianne Moore and Annette Bening from "The Kids Are All Right," or Nicole Kidman for "Rabbit Hole."
The best director shortlist is expected to include "Social Network" director David Fincher, Tom Hooper for "The King's Speech" and Christopher Nolan for thriller "Inception."
The nominations for the Oscars, by far the most prestigious of Tinseltown's awards season, will be unveiled at 5:30 am (1330 GMT) on Tuesday, launching the final straight toward the February 27 Academy Awards show.
"The Social Network" grabbed four Golden Globes, including Best Picture, on January 17, in what is traditionally seen as an indicator of success at the Academy Awards.
The Facebook movie, about how Mark Zuckerberg founded the social networking site, also won best director Globe for Fincher as well as best screenplay and best score. "The King's Speech" scored only one Globe -- best actor for Firth -- while there were two for boxing movie "The Fighter" and one for "Black Swan," with Portman for best actress.
But industry observers note that the British royal movie could do better at the Oscars because it is better suited to the tastes of the 6,000-plus members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
The British movie, about King George VI's battle with a stammer, also got a small boost over the weekend when it won best picture award at the Producers Guild of America awards.
The Los Angeles Times noted that, for the past two decades, the Producers Guild of America results have correctly forecast the Oscar best picture 13 times.
"There's a good chance that 'The King's Speech' will score the most Oscar bids," said the newspaper's awards-watching correspondent, predicting as many as 11 nods for the British movie.
The producers' show was the latest in a string of ceremonies that make up the annual awards season. Others still to come include the Screen Actors Guild prizes on January 30.
But for insiders, the Oscars are the multi-billion-dollar industry's real deal, and much of Hollywood will therefore be up early Tuesday for the pre-dawn nominations announcement.
On the eve of the Oscars nominations, nominees for Hollywood's Oscars spoof the Razzies were revealed Monday, with the "Sex and the City" sequel and the final installment of teen vampire series "Twilight" top of the flops.
Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus and Barbra Streisand were also nominated by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which organizes the annual salute to the worst of the worst.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raymond Davis Is Not A Diplomat

According to British Broadcasting, Raymond Davis who killed 3 Pakistanis in Lahore, 2 with gun and one with car is not a diplomat and came to Pakistan on visit visa. He is under police custody and Punjab police is investigating the case. The Federal government will accept the Punjab police report as final. According to NIP American Embassy in Islamabad did not open his identity and admitted that Raymond Davis is not his real name. This was disclosed in a statement issued for his release by the Embassy. They also admitted that he was on secret mission therefore his identity can not be disclosed. American government and the embassy are issuing contradictory statements. He was showed as Diplomat appointed in Lahore Counsalate and now in the latest statement they said that he was the employee of American Embassy in Islamabad. This changing statement indicates that there is something wrong at the bottom. He was definitely on secret mission, otherwise what an American Diplomat has to do in Mazang area of Lahore. If he was a diplomat then would have informed the security agencies. The spokesperson of the embassy avoids questions. He is not the only American who was on a spying mission, but nearly all of them do the same. Our politicians meet them every day and disclose many things about government and opponent leaders.

What Is In The New For The Super Power Of The World

Experts say that year 2011 will have good news for American economy. However, on other side Afghanistan and Pakistan will be a great challenge for US. Republicans are accusing president Obama that he could not give any success to the USA. But, majority of the experts do not agree on this issue, they say that immediately after having power president Obama wanted to know that whee actually the fault lies and how it can be mended. He though it necessary to address the Muslim Community through Arab Media. First he addressed in Egypt and then in Turkey. On other hand he did take steps to develop trust among US allies Muslim States. Also provided funds for the lower civil social organizations. The steps taken by Obama administration had positive results. The number of Arab students studying in American Universities and schools have more than double as compared to Bush's regime. Similarly , US gained more favor from Arabs for its policies in the UN General Assembly.This favor from Arabs during Bill Clinton's reign was 40%, while in Bush time fell to 10% and it again rose to 20% in 2009. But Obama too could not gain any solid objective that was not obtained by Bush. The purpose for which the Americans had entered Iraq and killed tens of thousand of Iraqis, could it be achieved? Could they get oil from the Gulf State. The answer to this question is challenging for the US administration. American wanted that the oil production in the gulf region may not be used against them and they may have the continuity of getting oil. American experts say that at present US is getting only 10 % oil from the region. So the expenses are higher than the profit. To maintain army bases and for the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan US is spending heavy amounts of money.

Presidential Palace In Cairo Has Been Surrounded By Protesters

Thousands of protesters besieged presidential palace demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak spread across the capital after Friday prayers, as nationwide demonstrations entered their fourth day.
Tens of thousands of people poured onto the streets in several neighbourhoods of Cairo, chanting: "The people want the ouster of the regime."
Police appeared overwhelmed as protesters broke through several police barriers and defied a massive security presence, also calling on people looking out of windows to join the rallies.
Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters in several areas, as nationwide rallies gained momentum, moving into residential areas.
The protests, which were inspired by the ground-breaking uprising in Tunisia, have sent shock waves across the region.
Authorities cut most mobile phone and Internet services in an attempt to thwart the growing protests, but the April 6 movement spearheading the demonstrations vowed to keep calling for street protests.
It has also been reported that 76 people have died and thousands wounded in the protests due to firing and gear gas shelling.

Mubarak Has Close Ties With USA---Diplomatic Cables

Secret US embassy cables sent from Cairo in the past two years reveal that the Obama administration wanted to maintain a close political and military relationship with the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, who is now facing a popular uprising.
A frank briefing note in May 2009 ahead of Mubarak's trip to Washington, leaked by WikiLeaks, reported that the Egyptian president had a dismal opinion of Obama's predecessor, George Bush. "The Egyptians want the visit to demonstrate that Egypt remains America's 'indispensable Arab ally', and that bilateral tensions have abated. President Mubarak is the proud leader of a proud nation, Mubarak is 81 years old and in reasonably good health; his most notable problem is a hearing deficit in his left ear. He responds well to respect for Egypt and for his position, but is not swayed by personal flattery," the cable said.
"Mubarak peppers his observations with anecdotes that demonstrate both his long experience and his sense of humor. During his 28-year tenure, he survived at least three assassination attempts, maintained peace with Israel, weathered two wars in Iraq and post-2003 regional instability, intermittent economic downturns, and a manageable but chronic internal terrorist threat. "He is a tried and true realist, innately cautious and conservative, and has little time for idealistic goals. Mubarak viewed President Bush as naive, controlled by subordinates, and totally unprepared for dealing with post-Saddam Iraq, especially the rise of Iran's regional influence."
It predicted that if Mubarak were still alive for Egypt's next presidential election in 2011, "it is likely he will run again and, inevitably, win". The most likely contender to succeed him was his son Gamal, the cable suggested.
Another cable, dated 23 February 2009, described a meeting between Gamal and the maverick US senator Joe Lieberman. Lieberman is said to have listened as the president's son expounded on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Iran's growing regional influence and how Saddam Hussein for all his flaws was a bulwark against Iranian ambitions.
Another cable, from March 2009, shows the US's astonishingly intimate military relationship with Egypt. Washington provides Cairo $1.3bn annually in foreign military finance (FMF) to purchase US weapons and defence equipment, and the cable said. "President Mubarak and military leaders view our military assistance programme as the cornerstone of our mil-mil relationship and consider the $1.3bn in annual FMF as 'untouchable compensation' for making and maintaining peace with Israel. "The tangible benefits to our mil-mil relationship are clear: Egypt remains at peace with Israel, and the US military enjoys priority access to the Suez canal and Egyptian airspace."
Every dictator has good ties and personal relations with USA and US president, in turned he is backed by the USA in any trouble in the country for him. But, when the people are out in the streets against the dictators then there is no place on earth for him to take shelter, not even in the USA. Then some take asylum in Saudi Arabia and some die in the countries they have not thought of.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

US "Orders" Immediate Release Of Raymond As Expected

Three people were killed when a US national opened fire on motorcycle riders and hit another with his car in an attempt to escape from the scene at Mazang Chowk on Thursday.
According to details, the man identified as Raymond David, reportedly a staffer of the US Consulate, opened fire at two persons ridding a motorcycle, injuring them seriously. Both the injured were shifted to Services Hospital where they were pronounced dead.
Another motorcyclist was also injured when hit by the speeding car of David who was escaping from the crime scene. The injured was rushed to Services Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds during treatment.
Later, the suspect was apprehended by people and police and taken to Old Anarkali police station. Police also recovered arms from his possession.
According to SP Operation Umer Saeed, Raymond David killed motorcycle riders in self-defence (it is not clarified yet whether hey were dacoits or not). How can American be believed?
SP said that a weapon was recovered from the possession of motorcyclists.
People staged protest soon after the incident outside Old Anarkali Police Station and burned tyres. They demanded handing over of the accused to them.
Later, Police shifted the American national to an unknown location. Police said that case has been registered against Davis.
Information officer at the US Consulate refused to comment immediately on the incident.
Now the latest news story says that the United States on Saturday called for the immediate release of a US citizen Raymond Davis, allegedly involved in killing of two local citizens in Lahore, it said was unlawfully detained by authorities, US embassy in Islamabad said.
"When detained, the US diplomat identified himself to police as a diplomat and repeatedly requested immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations," it said in a statement. Are American Diplomats allowed to kill any Pakistani? and then sent back to the USA safely and unhurt.

Role Of Saudi Arabia In World Politics During Current Year

The role of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East or Arab World political affairs can not be ignored. However, its role in this regard remains specific or limited. There have been no change for years in the policy of Saudi Arabia not it is likely to take any new turn in near future as well. The status of relations of Saudi Arabia with the USA will be the same during the current. However, if the defense agreement worth $ 60 billion is finalized it will make a big news during 2011. Some people in the USA have reservations about this deal. On the other in the field of economic growth Saudi Arabia is ahead of all the states in the region. Experts say Saudia will make more progress in the economy sector. During the year 2010 its economic growth rate was 3.6 % that is expected to rise to 4.3 % during this year.

Egyptian General Shortens His US Visit

The Pentagon said the Egyptian army's chief of staff and other top officers departed Washington on Friday, cutting short a planned week-long visit amid protests sweeping their country.
The previously scheduled annual defense talks "adjourned this morning after the Egyptian delegation was called home by its government," Pentagon spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan said in a statement.
Lieutenant General Sami Enan led the 25-member delegation, which had been due to hold meetings through next Wednesday.
Sandy Vershbow, the assistant secretary of defense, led the US side for the talks and reiterated the Washington's appeal for restraint in dealing with widespread unrest, Lapan said.
"The current situation in Egypt arose very quickly, but Ambassador Vershbow did have the opportunity to urge restraint to his Egyptian counterpart during the Wednesday and Thursday meetings here in the Pentagon," he said.
Earlier, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for restraint on all sides as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called in the troops and imposed a curfew in three provinces.
The United States provides $1.3 billion annually in military assistance to its longtime ally, and officials said 625 American military personnel are stationed in Egypt.
Though the army top ranking generals have been called back by Hosni Mubarak to help him to crush the protests and control law and order situation, but it seems the general would never take arms against the mobs and protests. But it is likely that Martial Law may be imposed and Mubarak will have to quit and leave the country. The people in the streets will never be satisfied without the ousting of him and may demand punishment for corruption and other misdoing during his 3 decade rule. Though Hosni Mubarak has already sacked the government

American Oresident Is Losing His Popularity Among The Arabs

According to American magazine the "Economist" president Obama is losing his popularity among the Muslims and Arabian countries that he had just after being elected as president. Sheley of University of Mariland who has a close eye on the elections held in the Middle East says that Arabs disliked the American polices before but liked American people, now they dislike both. When any Arab is asked which of the International leader they liked more they would say that that who can dare to stand boldly against America and Israel. Tayyab Ordgan the Prime Minister of Turkey was the most favourite leader of the Arabs during 2010. It is clear that what the scenario would be in the days to come. This situation is due to many reasons. Some of them relate to the changes occurring in the Middle East. In the past Turkey and Israel have been following the wishes of the USA, but now both of them got too strong that they have learn to live themselves. Israel is so strong economically that it no more needs the help of the USA. Turkey is also rising as economic power and its government is a complete democratic one as against other states in the Middle East. Both of these countries are at par to each other. The experts also know that Israel is alone now as it has never been before. However, danger of war between Israel and Hizbollah prevails during the current year. year.

The Dictatorship Era Is Going To End

President Hosni Mubarak sacked Egypt's government and vowed to bring in democratic and economic reforms, in a televised address early on Saturday after deadly anti-regime protests. "I have asked the government to resign and tomorrow there will be a new government," a stoney-faced Mubarak said after four days of protests demanding his resignation in which at least 27 people have been killed.
He vowed to pursue economic and political reforms.
"We will not backtrack on reforms. We will continue with new steps which will ensure the independence of the judiciary and its rulings, and more freedom for citizens," Mubarak said.
New steps will be taken "to contain unemployment, raise living standards, improve services and stand by the poor."
Mubarak, in power for three decades, vowed to bring in "new measures" for democracy and justice without giving any indication of other major changes, even as protests raged in Cairo and other cities despite a night-time curfew.
Whatever, Hosni Mubarak sad or think about bringing political reforms in hid governmental setup, but people do not seem satisfied with all this now. The situation is heading towards that of Tinsia, who president Zainul Abadeen had to flee out of country. There was no place in the world for him like Shah of Iran. His last hope was Saudi Arabia and got asylum there. Mubarak's future seems the same. The people are fed up with dictatorship and inherited rule in the country. It will be apparent what the people want with in few days.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Americans Are Allowed To Kill as Many Pakistanis As They Wish By Drones Or By Gun

A US consulate worker and killer of two Pakistani men, Raymond Davis will be produced in court on charges of shooting dead two persons in a busy bazaar in Lahore, Geo News reported.
It is pertinent to mention that yesterday after noon, a US consulate official was arrested for slaying two innocent citizens Faheem and Faizan Haider by shooting the duo.
The FIR had been lodged under section 48/11 after the incident, police sources told media.
The accused American, Raymond Davis, will be presented before a civil judge in a Town court.
Why the poor American is being troubled to produced to the court of law. When our rulers have allowed them to kill Pakistanis by drone attacks or by gun. It seems strange that he was arrested by our police, otherwise this smartness is not expected when the matter is of any American. Our leaders when meet with the "Viceroy" American Ambassador they are proud of this meeting . They tell media that issues of mutual interest were discussed and those are of course, "Do More" orders. What a pity on the part of government and merciful on the part Pakistani nation.

Middle East-- A Headache For The USA

Middle East region is rich in energy sources, but this region is head ache for the USA and the world. USA considers Islam spreading from here a great risk. America focused the region between The Nile (Egypt) and The Indus (Pakistan) started attempts to bring this area under its impacts. But, it seems that USA's struggle up till now remained unfruitful. Nearly two decades earlier when USA entered this region to combat with Saddam Hussain, there was no nation to challenge its superiority. The Presidents and the Kings of the region who had planned to remain in power for whole life were favoring the USA. However, during the next decade the situation started changing and the power and impacts that USA had in 2001 are seen no where in the region now. There two main reasons for this. First is the USA's own financial problems and second is the rise of other powers in the region. Experts agree on the point that American effects are vanishing quickly in the Middle East as compared to other regions and American policy in the region is facing problems. Israel, the close friend of the USA, that received Military Aid worth $27 billion from USA, and expected but could not gain the favor of the USA regarding the new settlements in Palestine. On other side, Egypt has rejected the American demand of democratic reforms (but may accept this demand now because of the protests and processions taken out by the people). Egypt recently ignored the request of President Obama to invite international observers to monitor parliamentary election. Now the USA is warning the Arabian States that if they did not implement the democratic reforms , terrorists may gain power.

Hitler's Last Boduguard Can Not Respond To Mails

More than 65 years after World War Two, Adolf Hitler's last surviving bodyguard says that he can no longer respond to the continuous deluge of fan mail he receives from around the world because of his advanced age.
Rochus Misch is 93 and uses a walking frame to move around his apartment. He told the Berliner Kurier tabloid that, with most of the letters he receives asking for autographs, it was "no longer possible" to reply because of his age.
"They (letters) come from Korea, from Knoxville, Tennessee, from Finland and Iceland and not one has a bad word to say," said Misch, who is believed to be the last man alive to have seen Hitler and other top-ranking Nazis in the flesh.
In the past Misch used to send fans autographed copies of wartime photos of himself in a neatly pressed SS uniform. Now the incoming fan mail, including letters and packages, piles up in his flat in south Berlin's leafy Rudow neighborhood.
Misch also served as Hitler's telephone operator and courier. His memoirs, "The Last Witness," were published in 2008 in Germany and are in the works to become a feature film.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turkey: A Rising Economic Power In The Region

Experts say that the economic progress graph of turkey will have upward trend during 2011. It will leave behind all the European Countries behind. Turkey will itself come out of the race for joining in the European Union. During 2011, Turkey under its Eastern Policy will give importance to the relations with Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. The up gradation project of railway line connecting Pakistan Iran, Iraq and Turkey will be announced. On the other side Turkey, Jordon, Syria, and Lebanon will get tied into stronger and new economic cooperation relationship. It is evident that Turkey is widening its relations with the nations around it. At present Turkey purchases more than 50 % of Natural gas of Iran. Similarly, Turkey is playing its role as re conciliator on the Nuclear Issue between Iran and the West. It is possible that some development may be visible on this issue during the current year. Turkey is signing political and economic agreements with Yemen too. The increasing friendly and stronger relations between the two countries will make Turkey to play its active role in ending the war in Yemen. According to the American newspaper the "Newyork Times" the relations between Turkey and Yemen indicate the intentions of Turkey to be a power in the region. Actually the USA does not want that Islamic countries may live in peace and they be friends to each other. America wants Muslims countries to be at war with each other all the and fulfill USA's vested interests.

Bad Foods Can Cause Depression

Eating foods high in trans-fats and saturated fats increases the risk of depression, according to a Spanish study published in the US Wednesday, confirming previous studies that linked "junk food" with the disease.
Researchers also showed that some products, such as olive oil ( Our Prophet SAW had said this 1500 years back), which is high in healthy omega-9 fatty acids, can fight against the risk of mental illness.
Authors of the wide-reaching study, from the universities of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, followed and analyzed the diet and lifestyle of over 12,000 volunteers over six years.
When the study began, none of the participants had been diagnosed with depression; by the end, 657 of them were new sufferers. "Participants with an elevated consumption of trans-fats (fats present in artificial form in industrially-produced pastries and fast food) presented up to a 48 percent increase in the risk of depression when they were compared to participants who did not consume these fats," the head study author said.
Almudena Sanchez-Villegas, associate professor of preventive medicine at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, also noted that in the event "more trans-fats were consumed, the greater the harmful effect they produced in the volunteers."
The research team found, at the same time, that after assessing the impact of polyunsaturated fats composed of larger amounts of fish and vegetable oils and olive oil, these products "are associated with a lower risk of suffering depression."
The report, published in the online journal PLoS ONE, noted the research was performed on a European population that enjoys a relatively low intake of trans-fats, making up only 0.4 percent "of the total energy ingested by the volunteers."
"Despite this, we observed an increase in the risk of suffering depression of nearly 50 percent," said researcher Miguel Martinez. "On this basis we derive the importance of taking this effect into account in countries like the US, where the percentage of energy derived from these fats is around 2.5 percent."
The report pointed out that the current number of depression sufferers in the world is around 150 million people, and has increased in recent years.
This rise is attributable, according to the authors, "to radical changes in the sources of fats consumed in Western diets, where we have substituted certain types of beneficial fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated in nuts, vegetable oils and fish for the saturated and trans-fats found in meats, butter and other products such as mass-produced pastries and fast food."
Though not a focus of the study, researchers pointed out that deadly cardiovascular disease is "influenced in a similar manner by diet, and might share similar mechanisms in their origin."

Iraq Situation In Current Year

The situation in Iraq that has been headache for the USA is not calming yet. Though USA has terminated its military operations. Offensive against Pro America activities are still continuing. It seems that situation during 2011 does not seem to change. In spite of spending billions of dollars and causing bloodshed of Iraqis by the USA, still government could not be constituted after parliamentary election last year. Elections were held during March 2010, though secular minded Ayad Allawi was ahead of all, but his party could not form government alone. He secured majority of the votes from Sunnis. Though Shia parties were in a position to form government but, there was a risk of aggression from Sunnis against Shias, if they were kept out of government. After Saddam Hussain, it is clear that both Sunnis and Shias can not step ahead if they they ignore each other. This present government is too fragile that can be blown away with the light wind. It is an interesting fact that present Iraqi government likes Iran more than the USA. Though, Americans fighters have left Iraq during August 2010, and remaining forces may be out of Iraq by the end of this year. However it does not mean that USA's involvement in this country has been ended. Still 50000 army personnel are deployed on different Iraqi bases. According to another agreement out of these 30000 soldiers will leave Iraq by the end of current year but 20000 will be there for the "so called" cooperation with the government. On other side the economy and the politics both will be highly effected by the regional powers like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

One Suspect Released While Other Underway In Dr Imran Murder Case

A suspect who was in the custody of investigative authorities in the murder case of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Dr. Imran Farooq has been freed while grilling of another suspect is underway.
According to London Police, the released accused was detained on suspicion of involvement in crimes of murder and robbery and that the investigation was still in progress.
They said the scope of investigation had been widened further. One more suspect, whose name cannot be disclosed, is still in police custody and he was presented before magistrate on Jan 6, the police added.
It is reported with reference to the court sources, that in documents with the court a man named Mansoor Khan appears as the main accused in the murder case of Dr. Imran Farooq. Mansoor Khan is the friend of the suspect in custody of police.
It is pertinent to mention here that Dr. Imran Farooq was assassinated outside his house in central London on September 16, 2010.
The anti-terrorism unit of Scotland Yard is investigating the case.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Afghanistan And Iran Will Look Like In 2011

The important question before the Americans is that what the new strategy they have planned for Afghanistan, will it be successful or not. In this context an American think tank Anthony from "Center for strategic and international studies" says that it is very difficult to say whether half the glass is full or empty because glass is still being filled. He says that war has entered in 9th year and when in June and December 2011 strategy will be reviewed that stage can be decisive. The President Obama has promised in 2009 that withdrawal back of the troops will commence during July 2011. The American establishment did not like this decision and then NATO had to say about the stay of army till 2014. However, this decision may result in bloodshed in Afghanistan. At least during 2011 no success of US or NATO seems likely in this useless war. This war is losing the favor from Americans as well. However, President Obama will decline to make any big decision in this regard during 2011.
The Iranian President Mehmood Ahmed will have to face many challenges from different fronts during 2011. One of the front may be from opposition. There also remains the danger on nuclear installations by US or Israel. They may hit these by missiles. The majority of Iranian is facing great difficulty for the first time in life after Iran-Iraq war, due to economic sanctions that are increasing day by day. Iran is unable to use international banking system resulting in the closure of flow of foreign investment or getting loans. Therefore unemployment rate is increasing. Due to lack of technology and investment the quantity of oils from well have been decreased. During 1978 Iran's daily oil spill was 6 million barrels, in 2000 it decreased to 4.5 and now remains only 3.5 million barrels per day. The price hike is 9 % while unofficially it is 30 %. The prices daily food items rose to double during the last 4-5 years, therefore government has withdrawn subsidy on many items. Specially the rising prices of petrol, gas, electricity, cooking oil and bread will create restlessness among the people that will be problems for the Iranian president during the year.

Supreme Court Of Pakistan Has Sought The Agreement

The Supreme Court has sought the principle agreement for the exploration of Reko Diq reserves and issued notices over the plea of 26 Senators to become party in the case.
The SC Tuesday fixed January 26 as hearing date of a plea filed by 26 Senators, majority among them belonging to JUI-F for becoming a party in the ongoing proceedings over award of mining contract of Reko Diq copper and gold mines in Balochistan to Tethyan Copper Company (TCC).
The plea was filed on behalf of senators Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri, Dr. Mohammad Ismail Buladi, Maulana Gul Naseeb, Abdul Ghafoor Qureshi, Eng. Malik Rashid Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Ghufran Khan, Muhammad Talha Mahmood, Abdul Rashid, Ghulam Ali, Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani, Mrs. Semeen Siddique, M. Khalid M. Sumroo, Muhammad Azam Khan Swati, Salim Saifullah Khan, Maulana Muhammad Salah Shah, Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed, Naeem Hussain Chattha, Tariq Azeem Khan, Sabeena Rauf, Shahid Hussain Bugti, Professor Sajid Mir, Neelofer Bakhtiar, Sardar Jamal Khan Laghari, Saeed Ahmed Hashmi, Syed Javaid Ali Shah & Engr. Muhammad Hamayun Khan Mandokhel.
Raza Kazim, counsel for Maulana Abdul Haq a petitioner contended that the government of Balochistan in its reply have not provided the requisite exploration company files. As per law the ownership of the reserves could not be changed, he said.
The court also ordered Advocate General Balochistan to bring the record of the license awarded to TCC and summoned Balochistan's former and current chief secretaries along with record of the licenses issued to the company.
As already written in previous posts that the TCC is seeking new agreement on its own conditions, about the of exploration of precious metals that have the largest reserves in the world.

The Situation In Occupied Kashmir During This Year

Kashmir, where in the decade of 90's the activities of freedom fighters remain on peak, has been silent after 2001. The India political and military leadership claimed that they had crushed the "Separatist's Movement". But last year this movement came to the forefront in a new form. It was a civilian movement that made the Indian ship more nervous. During the year 2010, Indian forces martyred 110 Kashmiris and hundreds of then wounded. Due to these wounds and injuries Kashmiri youth took stones in their hands and started throwing on Indian forces like Palestinians. They raised voice along the protests about the returning back of the Indian forces. Now the question arises whether this civilian movement will start again in the summer of 2011 or not? Experts say it will and in a full strength and will be more effective than that in last year. Up till now this Movement was run by those armed people who have been fighting against Indian army, they have taken off their uniform and started civilian style for self-determination. They have gained their objectives more effectively than before. There is a possibility of joining two new organizations and belong to Farooq Abdullah and Mufti Saeed. Because India takes them now as unfruitful and is creating new groups instead of them. These groups have also realized that India wants to get them out of the game, so they have started the slogans of freedom more vigorously.

Changing Attitudes Of The Nations Likely During Current Year

According to political experts it is more likely that during the year 2011, the attitudes of nations would change, specially toward Israel. In the European country Italy, the hatred against the Jews and Zionists have grown up. According to a public opinion survey conducted by a NGO in Italy has revealed that majority of the people have termed the actions of Jews and Zionists as "misleading". The survey conducted under the auspices of Oslo Research Institute, 22 % of the voters have said that the Jews are treating the Palestinians as harshly as they(Jews) were treated by the Nazis during World War 1. Twenty six percent said that with advertising the Holocaust they are providing ground to their brutalities with the Palestinians. Therefore they are violating the Un resolutions and laws the world agreements. Report further says that 59% Jews are master of the world economy and along the economic power they are trying to gain political power as well in the world. On other side hatred arising against Jews is reflected in the dozens of websites launched in Italy that are carrying out the activities against Jews. In these websites the reservations of the Italians are shown against the Jews Organizations and Jews Community. Similarly, in other European countries the ideas and views are changing about the Jews. In the USA specially, the changing attitudes about Jews are prominent.

Nominees For Hollywood Oscar Award

The "Sex and the City" sequel and the final installment of teen vampire series "Twilight" were top of the flops, as nominees for Hollywood's Oscars spoof, the Razzies were revealed Monday.
Renowned Hollywood actors and actresses Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus and Barbra Streisand were also nominated for their parts in 2010 major studio productions by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which organizes the annual salute to the worst of the worst.
Last year, "most of what Hollywood released was either a remake, a 'reboot,' a 're-imagining' or an outright rip-off. In other words, it was a banner year for only one of Tinsel Town’s best-known award shows,the one that dis-honors Worst Achievements n Film," said the foundation.
The nominees for worst picture were big-budget "Clash Of The Titans," "The Last Airbender," "Sex & The City 2," "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and "Vampires Suck," for the awards show set for February 26, the eve of the prestigious Oscars.
The foundation singled out "Last Airbender" director M. Night Shyamalan, a "repeat offender," according to a statement released alongside the nominations.
"In addition to Worst Director and Worst Picture, the film is up for Worst Remake, Worst Screenplay, Worst Screen Couple/Ensemble (the entire cast) and a brand-new Razzie category for 2010, Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3-D," said the foundation.
Up for worst actor was comedian/musician Jack Black for his role in "Gulliver's Travels," action star Gerard Butler in the weakly received "The Bounty Hunter," Ashton Kutcher for two critical flops he made last year -- "Killers" and "Valentine's Day" and for "Twilight: Eclipse," the two leading actors Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson.
The cast of "bling-obsessed superslick chick flick Sex and the City 2" Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon all got nods for the worst actress nomination.
In the worst screen couple/ensemble category, the foundation jumped all over terrible chemistry in supposedly romantic movies, such as Aniston and Gerald Butler in "The Bounty Hunter," and the entire cast of actors in "Twilight: Eclipse" and "The Last Airbender."

Manning and WikiLeaks Links Not Found

US military investigators have been unable to find a direct link between jailed Army PFC Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks, however, the alleged source of the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables did download files illegally maintain military investigators, US website said.
The officials say that while investigators have determined that Manning had allegedly unlawfully downloaded tens of thousands of documents onto his own computer and passed them to an unauthorized person, there is apparently no evidence he passed the files directly to Assange, or had any direct contact with the controversial WikiLeaks figure.
WikiLeaks founder Assange has repeatedly stated that he had no contact with Manning prior to "reading his name in a magazine." WikiLeaks has, however, provided $15,000 towards Manning's legal fees, and Assange has referred to him as a "political prisoner."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

World May Not Find Internet Addresses Within Weeks

The world will run out of Internet addresses "within weeks", according to one of the founding fathers of the web, a report said.
Vint Cerf, who helped create the web by connecting computers using Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, said it was his "fault" that the 4.3 billion addresses created were running out, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
"I thought it was an experiment and I thought that 4.3 billion would be enough to do an experiment," Cerf, who is Google's vice president and "Chief Internet Evangelist", was quoted as saying in an interview. "Who the hell knew how much address space we needed?"
In 1977, Cerf created the web protocol IPv4, which connects computers globally, as part of an experiment while working with the US Department of Defense. He said he never expected his experiment "wouldn't end". "It doesn't mean the network stops, it just means you can't build it very well," Cerf said.
IP addresses are the unique sequence of numbers assigned to each computer, website or other internet-connected devices. They are not the same as website domain names. The overwhelming number of devices now accessing the internet means the addresses are running out fast.
To resolve the crisis, an updated protocol for the Internet, IPv6, currently being planned by the industry, will create trillions of addresses.

Some Interesting Facts

You may not know that;-
*----- If you are right- hander then you will chew the food in your mouth on right side and vice versa.
*----- If you do not feel thirsty continuously means that you need more water to drink. When your body is lacking in water then the action of being thirsty also stops.
*----- During cutting the onion if you chew chewing gum your eyes would not water.
*----- If your tongue color is red, then your tongue has no germs if it is white means it has.
*----- Titanic was the firs that used SOS signal (Save our souls).
*----- A person with average health when quits smoking, his sleep decreases by one hour.
*----- Laughing makes the level of pressure hormone low and resistance power is increased. A six year old child laughs 300 times in a day while, an adult person laughs 15-100 times a day.
*------ The buttons in the shirts of women are on left side while in the men's on right side. ( look attentively today, whether true or not).
*----- Owl is the only bird that takes its eye lashes upward while blinking the eyes, where all other birds take down ward.
*----- Honey is digested quickly because honey bees have already digested it.
*----- Blue color has the effects of contention, because when you see it brain expelled the hormones of contentment.
*----- When you sneeze some cells of the brain die.
*----- Google means a digit that has one million zeros.

Top Blood Pressure Drug Of The World Gets Failing Marks

The world's most popular blood pressure medicine is much less effective than comparable drugs and gives patients a false sense of security, researchers said Monday.
In a review of earlier studies, they found the drug, a diuretic, or "water pill," called hydrochlorothiazide, lowered blood pressure by only about half as much as common alternatives such as beta blockers and ACE inhibitors.
High blood pressure affects about a third of US adults, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), and ups the risk of heart attack and stroke when left unchecked. "By giving hydrochlorothiazide we give patients and physicians a false sense of security," said study researcher Dr. Franz Messerli, who heads the hypertension program at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York. "Hydrochlorothiazide should no longer be used alone," he urged, adding that he has been prescribing it to patients himself for the past 25 years.
The drug belongs to an older group of water pills called thiazides, which are sold as generics for a few dollars per month. It is also sold as Aquazide H and HydroDIURIL, among other brand names.
The NHLBI currently recommends thiazides as first-line treatment to rein in high blood pressure, after a large government-funded study failed to find additional benefits from newer, more expensive medicines.
The problem is that hydrochlorothiazide, which wasn't tested in that study, remains the go-to water pill, said Messerli.
According to his report, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, American doctors wrote 134 million prescriptions for the drug in 2008 alone, landing it far ahead of the beta-blocker atenolol, the second-most commonly used blood pressure medicine.
"You cannot just recommend a thiazide as the NHLBI does, knowing that for physicians that translates into hydrochlorothiazide," Messerli told Reuters Health.
Neither the NHLBI nor the American Heart Association could be reached for comments.
For the new study, Messerli and colleagues reviewed 19 studies that compared hydrochlorothiazide to other drugs in randomized trials.
Measured over 24 hours, the low doses of hydrochlorothiazide commonly used reduced systolic or "top" blood pressure by 6.5 points. A top reading of more than 140 is considered high blood pressure.
In contrast, angiotensin-converting enzyme, or ACE, inhibitors cut the top number by 12.9 points, beta blockers by 11.2 points, and calcium-channel blockers by 11 points.
While higher doses of hydrochlorothiazide were more effective, Messerli said they were rarely used because of an increase in side effects such as blood sugar and insulin problems.
He added that office-based blood pressure measurements could be deceiving, because hydrochlorothiazide appears to be particularly weak during the night.
"We know that nighttime blood pressure and early-morning blood pressure are very important risk factors for strokes and heart attacks," Messerli said, although he added that how hydrochlorothiazide affects those risks has never been studied.
The new findings don't concern other thiazides such as chlorthalidone or indapamide.
Apart from drug treatment, lifestyle modifications also help rein in blood pressure. Doctors often recommend eating a healthy diet with a low sodium content as well as exercising more and not smoking.

What The Year 2011 Has For The World

The journey of the events is going very fast. The events that occurred in years now take place in months and the events spread over months occur in days now. Destruction and construction are going side by side in the world. After 2001, mostly the destructive side of the events remain prominent. No body could imagine during decade of 80's that one of the superpowers will no more exist. The west has been the center of prosperity for decades but now the prosperity is being shifted toward East. Galop and other survey reports indicate that eastern nations are becoming the centre of power and prosperity. The attitudes of the nations are changing too. It was thought once that Jews have hypnotized the Americans and European nations and Jews fulfill their vested interests through these nations. But the effect of this magic is diluting and now these nations have termed Jews as black mailers and are protesting against their brutalities. The journey of quick-events is prevailing national and international level. Let us hve a look on different nations that what 2011 is going to bring for them
Americans have been pressurizing Pakistan for allowing military operation in different parts specially alongside the Afghan border and to permit for extending drone attacks vastly. They thought that Pakistan will bow to their "DO MORE" order but I think they have not known the Person who can slap USA. Neither they could get permission for more drone attacks nor could carry out ground attack by NATO troops. However, internal situation of Pakistan with respect to price-hike, load shedding of gas and power, worst economic conditions seems to remain the same in 2011. Only the brightening tower is the Supreme Court of Pakistan who is tightening the corrupt people and getting back the national money from them.
World Cup Cricket Tournament:-
Cricket World Cup that is held once after 4 years, is going to begin from February 19, 2011, while the final will be played on April 2, 2011. The hosts are India, Srilanka and Banladesh. Bungladesh is hosting the tournament for the fist time. Pakistan was also included among the hosts, but due the attacks on Srilankan team during 2009, ICC has deprived Pakistan of hosting the event.The teams that are included in the tournament are; Kenya, South Africa, Zambabve, Canada, West Indies, Bugladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Australia, Newzealand, England, Ireland, and Netherlands.

Holy quran's 500-Year Old Copy To Be Published Online

A rarely-seen manuscript of one of the world's most important copies of the Holy Quran is to be published online.
The hand-written holy book, estimated to be around 500 years old, is so precious and fragile scholars have been unable to put it on display.
Now experts at the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library are using digital technology to photograph each page and publish the book online to enable scholars and students to study it.
The fragile 470-page book is kept by in the University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library.
Each of the 470 pages measures 35in by 24in, the size of a large plasma screen TV. The ornate book was written by several scribes and illuminators for Kansuh al-Ghuri, the penultimate Mameluke sultan of Egypt.
Historians disagree on when it was written, with estimates ranging from the second half of the 14th century to 1500.
At least 950 images will be captured which will be between 80 and 120MB each allowing their study in intricate detail.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pakistani Engineers Have Full Expertise In Minig

Services and expertise of Pakistani engineers, medical doctors, IT specialists, educationists and all the other experts in their respective fields have been acknowledges by the foreign countries, where they are working. Pakistanis have no match in intelligence in the world. I have been studying in the American University, I know the Americans how much they are intelligent. They are hard working, their education system is on the top in the world. Teachers in the Universities teach concepts of the subject and students try to understand the concept of the courses, they do not cram the subject and pass the exams. Performance of Pakistani students in the American Universities have been excellent. But, every Pakistani knows the quality and standard of education and the conditions of schools, colleges and the universities in our country. I do not need to narrate it here. What I want to say is that those Pakistan experts love to work and serve their country. They are eager to come to Pakistan. But, Is present government or the previous ones were able to guaranty the security of their lives, and property. They will like to work on half of the salaries they get in foreign countries. But, THIS BUT IS VERY BIG? Our Pakistanis from foreign countries who came here to invest money in the country, so many hindrances they faced by the concerned departments, the WAPDA, the Revenue office, the land Mafia and other Mafias that made their lives so tough, and they after loosing the money that they had earned outside ran back saving lives only. Similarly, doctors, if come here construct hospitals or rent clinics and start treating the patients are kidnapped or killed. Who will like to put his and the lives of his kith and kins in risk.
Now coming to the Recko Dek Project. Dr Samar Mubarak says that if Pakistan installs its own plants to carry out mining, then its profit will be $320.1 million after excluding the expenditure, annually. If the mining mounts to 0.1 million tonnes per day by Pakistani plant, then it will give profit worth $ 2.35 billion annually. The Baluchistan government can get the total profit during the total 56 year mining-life up to $131.824 billion. Dr Samar further said that TCC has estimated the expenditure up to 70% while profit only 30 %.If this project is run by the Baluchistan government itself then expenditure that incur will be 22 and profit 78 %. He added that Pakistan has been running largest mining projects for the last 40 years. Our engineers, scientists, experts and technicians are more able to do the job because they are already working on the biggest mining projects. Mining is done for the extraction of metals like uranium, zirconium, magnesium and other metals and they have installed the biggest industrial units in the county. Dr Samar Mubarak has been informed in written by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Nescom, Kahuta Resarch Laboratories and SPARKO that they have and can provide all the necessary technology, the experts and manpower for the Recko Dek project. This offer is not only for this project but is also valid for Thar Coal Project and all other projects. He told that Sind government has got the survey and exploration done for the Coal Reserves by the the Geological Survey Of China. Eight surveys have have already been done for the exploration and expenses have been paid too. But no company has asked for the agreement or mining license.

Virus In Pregnancy May Cause Hearing Loss In Some Children

Hearing loss in a child may have links to a virus that Mom got while she was pregnant, according to a new study.
In kids that had some degree of hearing loss, about 9 percent also had cytomegalovirus (CMV) at birth, says a new study in the Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. "(CMV) needs to be on the list of things we think about when we see a child with hearing loss," said Dr. Stephanie Misono, an ear, nose and throat fellow at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and lead author on the study.
CMV is a common virus that normally causes a harmless infection, although people with weakened immune systems can get sick from it. Infections can be avoided by washing your hands regularly especially after dealing with sick people and toddlers, who sometimes carry it, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
For women who are already infected when they become pregnant, the chances of passing it along to their children are quite small. It's women who pick it up while pregnant who have a higher chance, according to the study, but it's still quite unlikely that their babies will develop CMV-related hearing loss.
Up to one in 1,000 children have some kind of serious hearing loss, meaning that they can't hear ordinary conversation, according to the American Speech Language Hearing Association. About half of these cases are hereditary.
For parents that have no hearing loss, this helps to at least find out why this might have happened in their child, Misono said. However, there is no effective treatment or vaccine, and the study was not designed to determine whether CMV actually causes hearing loss.
Past studies showed a link between hearing loss and CMV, but there haven't been any that looked at kids with hearing loss and tried to determine if it came from a CMV infection.
Up to one in 25 women will get CMV while they're pregnant, which is when it's risky for the baby. It's been linked to several developmental issues in children, including mental retardation and cerebral palsy. Hearing loss is the most common problem.
If a woman gets CMV while she's pregnant, she has about a 33 percent chance of passing it along to her baby, according to the CDC.
But about half of women have already had it by the time they get pregnant. There's less than a one percent chance of passing it along to your unborn baby if this is the case, said Karen Fowler, who studies childhood infections at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and who did not work on this study.
This study looked at 354 kids 4 years and older who were tested for CMV at birth. All of these children had hearing loss, and 34 of them had CMV they had gotten from their mothers.
The degree of hearing loss varied from partial impairment in one ear to total deafness, but kids that had CMV at birth had more severe hearing loss than their CMV-negative peers. Also, a higher percentage of those with CMV had hearing loss in only one ear. Misono said it's unclear why this is.
Researchers don't know why being exposed to CMV in utero might cause hearing problems in kids later, but the virus could be doing some kind of damage, said Fowler. Babies who get CMV after they're born have no increased risk of hearing loss.
Knowing how exactly CMV causes hearing loss is important if a treatment is going to be developed, Misono said.

Coloring Book Of Assange Goes On line

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has graced the cover of most newspapers and landed a book deal, but last week coloring book was discovered.
The Julian Assange Coloring Book site used an online coloring book program to create a collection of black and white images. Using the online interface, you can color the pages yourself. We hope someday they sell the book alongside the Tea Party Coloring Book in bookstores.
Here’s more from the site: “Love him or loathe him, hero or villain, Julian Assange is probably the most talked about person alive today.
WikiLeaks, with Julian as editor-in-chief, has caused quite the stir, and with mirror sites sprouting up around the globe, they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future … So where does the Julian Assange Coloring Book fit in?
Well, simply put, it’s not “serious stuff”. It’s a coloring book about Julian Assange (with the occasional WikiLeaks page for good measure).”

Mineral Project Will Give 16% More Profit If Run By Pakistan-- Dr Samar

Dr Samar Mubarak has submitted feasibility report approved by the commission and his own written statement about the Recko Dek Project to the Supreme Court. The documents include the comparative statement of the Pakistani experts and those of the foreign company Tythayan Copper Ltd about the feasibility of the project, different maps and the slides. Supreme Court will hear the case on Tuesday. Dr Samar Mubarak said in his report that according to the TCC the estimates of the mineral reserves are $104 Billion, while according Dr Samar the value of the metals are far more than company's estimates. TCC in its report says that out of $104 Billion the net profit will be $30 billion and 500 million after paying the taxes. Baluchistan will receive 25 $ share that amounts to $7 billion and 625 million, while 2 % royalty will be $ 2 billion and 80 million The actual amount of the cash Baluchistan government will get after 56 years mining amounts to $ 8 billion 970 million when the loans worth $600 million will be returned and two different deductions on profit will be done. And this amount will be paid annually at the rate of $160 million. TCC will mine 0.11 million metric tonnes per day. Dr Samar says that according to the approved proposal by the federal government, plant can be installed in Baluchistan out of its funds. While government has the funds available too. If Pakistan government starts work on its own installed plant, the annual profit will be $32 and one million after the expenditure of $90 million.

Screening Of Film "Dhobi Ghat" By Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan held a special screening of the film 'Dhobi Ghat' for the people, whose lives are the core of the film. 55 dhobis including the President and Vice President of Dhobi association watched the film at the Ketnav preview theatre last weekend. Says a source close to Aamir, "The dhobi association was very helpful during the shoot of the film. Pratik, who plays a dhobi in the film, was made to interact with dhobis to understand his character well.
During the shoot, some dhobis had requested Kiran to show them the film and Aamir fulfilled their wish. Aamir was present at the screening and he met each one of them and had lunch with them."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why A Religious Leader Talks To Actress In TV Talk Show - Is Not It A Sin?

It is astonishing that those Islamic Religious Leaders (Muftis or Maulanas) who do not allow their children to watch Television or dislike to have Tv sets at home, themselves participate in Tv shows and talk to film actresses. Would not they look at women whom they talk to in objectionable dress. Can they they satisfy their conscious or they satisfy the will of devil. What is the need to come on Tv? Is it the way they are following to guide the Muslims. Do they think that by their advices or dialogue these women will leave their life style what they are having now. Is not it a sin? to talk on TV to a Namahram woman ( a lady having no blood relation or is outside the family). The secrets of Hujras( the room inside the mosque for living of the prayer leader) that may not be known to the world before, after their talks with actresses come to light and get open to the world.
In the TV Talk Show "Front Line", Weena Malik talked more logically than the Mufti Abdul Qavi. She said that religious leaders mostly talked about wars and fights (Jihad), while she talked about love and peace. She said she serve every body in the Big Boss program. Why was she made a target and was blamed as shameless girl. She said addressing Mufti sahib that if he had seen nothing himself , why he was cursing her on behalf of others. She said she was from Show Biz and what was the dress code of our film industry. However, Mufti Abdul Qavi said that participating in the Indian TV show, Weena had negated the ideology of Pakistan by her participation in the program. He said that when ever one is outside the country or participated in any program he must not forget his religion and nationality. Mufti said that Allah had bestowed upon her the beauty and attraction she herself decide that she did in India , was it suitable for a Muslim girl? Could she show her pictures to her brother or if she married and had son could she like to show her photos to her son. But Mufti Sahib forgot that in film industry every shoot and photograph is against Islam. But actors and actresses show their films to their young generation proudly to make them follow and learn their techniques of acting.

Facebook Is Blamed For Divorce Cases

Facebook, which was first blamed for encouraging illicit encounters, is being increasingly cited as an evidence while seeking divorce.
Family lawyers have revealed that the problem has become so great that almost every divorce they have dealt with in the past year has involved the website.
One expert said she had dealt with 30 cases in the last nine months and Facebook had been implicated in them all.
Whilst another online law company said one in five of their divorce petitions in the past year contain references to Facebook.
Emma Patel, the head of family law at Hart Scales & Hodges Solicitors, said the site acted like a "virtual third party" in splits.
"Facebook is being blamed for an increasing number of marital breakdowns, and it is quite remarkable that all the petitions that I have seen here since May have cited Facebook one way or another," she said.
"Its huge popularity as well as the lure of sites like Second Life, Illicit Encounters and Friends Reunited are tempting couples to cheat on each other.
"Suspicious spouses have used these to spy and find evidence of flirting and even affairs, which have then led to break-ups."
She said that many of divorces came after partners found "flirty messages" on the Facebook wall of their partner and also "inappropriate suggestive chats" which spouse's can see.
The lawyer said that she urged all clients to "stay off" Facebook during divorce proceedings as it could throw a spanner in the works of it going smoothly - especially if they post photos of new lovers.
She said: "They feel compelled to share their feelings online, and, in some cases, they not only express their stress, but also make inflammatory accusations against their partner. "Divorce is a highly-charged and emotional time, but it is vital not to turn the situation into a public slagging match, played out for everyone to see online. "The situation has deteriorated so badly that we advise feuding couples to avoid these sites until their divorces are settled."
The family law specialist based in Dorking, Surrey, said that one divorcing couple's rows on Facebook got so bad one party was charged with malicious communication after the police got involved.
James Wrigley, 34, of Hackney, east London, said: "My girlfriend left me after finding out I had been sending Facebook messages to a girl at work. "She got my password and read the messages and that was the end of that four years together down the drain, but at least we hadn't got married."
Other examples include Marianna Gini, 32, a housing support worker and mother of one who was married for six years before she found out through Facebook that her husband Robert, 34, was having an affair.
Sarah Picket, 36, a housewife from Oldham and mother of three was married to taxi driver Chris, also 36, for eight years, until her Facebook flirtations led to their split.
She did not have an affair but her husband found flirtatious messages and the relationship ended in acrimony and jealousy.
In 2009, a 28-year old woman, from Newquay in Cornwall, ended her marriage after discovering her husband had been having a virtual affair in cyberspace with someone he had never met.
Amy Taylor split from David Pollard after discovering he was sleeping with an escort in the game Second Life, a virtual world where players reinvent themselves.
Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of Tony Blair, ended up causing problems in her relationship when in a fit of pique she changed the status on her Facebook profile from married to single.
Miss Booth, who is half-sister of Cherie Blair, said it was a rash decision which she changed back but not before it upset her husband.
A spokesman for Facebook said it was "tosh" that Facebook could ruin a relationship. "It is like blaming your mobile phone or your emails," he said. "Does being on Facebook force you do something absolutely not I would say."

Army Court Sentences Indian Lt General P.K.Rath

Lieutenant General P.K. Rath, who was found guilty in the Sukhna land scam by an Army Court in New Delhi, was on Saturday handed down a sentence including a two-year seniority loss and forfeiture of 15 years of service for pension purposes.
Lieutenant General Rath was found guilty on three counts, firstly for providing a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the construction of the building next to the Army headquarters in Sukna, secondly for signing a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with the private builder and thirdly for not informing the Eastern Command headquarters while the process was being carried on by him.
"To take rank and precedence as if appointment as substantiating the Lieutenant General bore dated May 24, 2010, forfeiture of 15 years service for pensionary benefits and severely reprimand," General Court Martial (GCM) Presiding Officer Lieutenant General I.J. Singh said in his verdict.
This verdict will now have to be confirmed by the Army Chief and the Defence Ministry.
The land scam came into the open in mid-2008 and the names of Lieutenant General Rath and Lieutenant General Avadhesh Prakash figured among the senior army officers who influenced the decision to issue the NOC to a Siliguri-based private builder to construct an educational institution on a 70-acre land adjacent to the Sukna military station in Darjeeling.
The private builder had floated a trust, Agarwal Geetanjali Education Trust to set up an affiliate school of the prestigious Mayo College in the area.
Can one imagine in Pakistan that a serving army general or a politician would be punished for his wrong doings. Rather, most of the corrupt politicians are members of the parliament or ministers and enjoying all the perks and privileges of the power sharing. Which of the Pakistani politician remained in power and left the government or ousted was clean handed. If India claims to be a largest democratic state of the world, is not it right?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Did The Same In India That I Have Been Doing In Pakistan-- Weena Malik

Actress and once the anchor person of TV show Weena Malik said that my India's visit was very nice, i got love and I felt too good there. The people cast votes in my favor and kept me in the house for longer in "Big Boss" program. She said this in a Private TV Show "Front Line". She said, "if I was nude or whatever I was there, I was representing myself." I am what I looked liked there. What a strange or unique I did there (In India) that I did not do before. I made a Hindu Aeshmat Patel in the show to offer prayer. Did Mufti Abdul Qavi made any Hindu to offer prayer? When I was invited for the show I was too sad and wanted privacy and to be alone. Therefore I accepted the invitation. The format of Big Boss is such that no culture or religion can be promoted through this. The show does not allow any book or magazine. This is a show where popular and famous personalities of the world are invited and are introduced to the world to make the people know what actually they are from inside. I participated in the show as a Pakistani actress and dressed the way i have been used to and did nothing new, that could injure the feelings of my country men or may have been harmful in anyway for the integrity of my Country. I did not violate any law of the country neither my any action was against my religion. Many Pakistani actresses have participated in the show priorly and were dressed near to nudity than mine. what I did in the show was according to the script. I am a Muslima and I did not do any shameful deed. She addressed Mufti Abdul Qavi in the show and said that he was looking at her in the dress he had objected upon, he must be punished for seeing at a woman openly. All those Maulvis (religious leaders)must be punished who look at women for the second time because first may be unintentional. She blamed saying that the maulvis were well known to the nation and some of them abuse sexually the students of Madares ( religious schools).

Perceptions About Muslims Must Be Improvd By Charitable Organizations

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Friday said that Islamic Charitable Organizations through their noble deeds can help improve the perception about the Muslims around the world.
He appreciated the contributions of all the charitable organizations under the umbrella of Muslim Charity Forum of UK, during the earthquake of 2005 and the recent devastating floods in Pakistan.
The Prime Minister was talking to a delegation of the Muslim Charity Forum from UK, which called on him here at PM House on Friday afternoon.The Prime Minister said that timely assistance and support by charitable organizations within the Muslim Charity Forum made significant difference during the floods in different parts of the country.
The natural disasters such as the floods last year are beyond any single country's ability to cope with, he said and added it was a difficult task for the government agencies to reach out to each and every flood affected person in the early days but various NGOs, both local and international helped ease the situation.
The Prime Minister said that it is heartening to note that the Islamic charitable and humanitarian organizations are performing well to serve the cause of humanity in different parts of the world.
He also lauded the contribution of elected representatives of the Muslim community in UK and elsewhere both for their community as well as for the country they are living in.
The charitable organizations and the elected representatives of the Muslim community serve as a bridge between the country they are living in and the country of their origin, he added.
The members of the Muslim Charity Forum of UK appreciated the commitment of the Prime Minister for personally leading the whole relief operation during the devastating floods.
They said that the people of Pakistan had shown great endurance and resilience both at the time of earthquake as well as during the floods of 2010.
They further said that despite facing economic difficulties, the people at large are very friendly and hospitable towards various international charitable organizations.
Chairman of Muslim Charity Forum Dr. Hanly El-Banna, who belongs to Egypt, while briefing the Prime Minister about the activities of the organizations mentioned that Muslims' humanitarian organizations under the forum are working across the globe in 25 countries, where people are suffering on any account including natural disasters. These countries also include a number of non-Muslim countries as well.
As regards the floods in Pakistan, he said, the forum had collected over US $ 50 million and is engaged in constructing small family houses, dispensaries and schools in different parts of the country.
The forum coordinates and bridges the gap between charitable organizations like Islamic Relief, Human Appeal, Muslim Hands and Human Relief, he said, adding, all these organizations are registered with the Charity Commission of UK which regularly monitors their activities and audit their accounts. It is also the objective of the forum to alleviate poverty and establish educational and health facilities for the poor and vulnerable, he mentioned.
The Secretary General of the Muslim Charity Forum also suggested that Pakistan Government may also establish a Charity Commission under a law to regulate the charitable organizations and NGOs. It would help coordinate the humanitarian activities in different areas of the country according to needs of the people.
The delegation included Dr. Hany El-Banna, Chairman Muslim Charities Forum UK, Sahibzada Syed Lakht-e-Hassanain, Secretary General, Muslim Charities Forum UK, Dr. Nabeel Al-Ramadhani, Trustee, Muslim Charities Forum UK and Othman Salim Mahmood Maqbool, Trustee, Muslim Charities Forum UK.

Suicidal Protests Are Great Sin-- Saudi Mufti

Saudi Arabia's top Muslim authority branded the act of setting oneself on fire, a protest started in Tunisia and copied in other Arab states, a "great sin," Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Friday.
Islam "bans suicide even if living conditions are hard. To commit suicide by setting oneself on fire is a horrendous crime," said Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, quoted in the pan-Arab daily.
"To immolate oneself and committing suicide are great sins," he said.
"This crime must not spread, and Muslims must not resort to such an act which is considered suicide and which tarnishes the image of Muslims," said Saudi Arabia's mufti.
In December, Mohammed Bouazizi doused himself with fuel and set himself ablaze, in a protest that sparked Tunisia's uprising. His act of desperation has since been copied in other Arab countries, notably Egypt and Algeria.
Cairo's Al-Azhar, the highest seat of learning in Sunni Islam, said the Muslim religion bans suicide for whatever reason.
"Sharia law states that Islam categorically forbids suicide for any reason and does not accept the separation of souls from bodies as an expression of stress, anger or protest," the institute said.

Great Game Of The Multi-national Companies For Ricko Dek Project Continues

Taking sou moto action on the news of the newspapers about the corruption scandals in the world's largest reserves of gold and copper in Chaghi, Supreme Court of Pakistan has started the hearing of the case. However, the multi-national companies are continuing in playing great game for this important project.American company Ban Way has also obtained hundreds of acres of land for exploration in the Ricko Dek area. While dispute case between the Ban Way and TCC is in the Baluchistan high court court. Ban Way claims that TCC has occupied its land. Though Ricko Dek has the largest reserves but in Chaghi but there are other reserves of these metals too. In addition to gold and copper reserves of other metals have also been discovered. The Ricko Dek project worth $500 is situated towards north western side of a smaller village Nau Kundi of Chaghi district. The population of Chaghi is 200 thousand and consists of 72 tribes. The work on the country's largest mineral project at Sandak in Chaghi is also being carried out for the last 3 decades and production had been started since 2003. Pakistani company has obtained $115.03 while Baluchistan Government has got $24.04 million so far. The 19 year old mineral deposits are going to exhaust with in 7 years. The minerals other than gold and copper are being destroyed. In the Sandak area the wastes of the minerals are left open that are causing pollution in the soil as well for the animals and environment. In the project only 280 persons from Baluchistan have been employed but on lower posts and no higher level job has been given to the local population or to any person from Baluchistan province.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Journalists Ask Police To Register Case Against Rani Mukherjee

Journalists in Patiala have asked the police to register a case against Rani Mukherjee, other actors and the filmmaker for using vulgar language in 'No One killed Jessica'.
The complaint was filed by the Patiala Press Club through its president Parveen Komal and was submitted to Inspector General of Police (Patiala zone) P.S. Gill, district police chief Gurpreet Singh Gill and Deputy Commissioner D.S. Garewal.
"Press is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy and using such kind of vulgar words in the movie is a direct insult of the media. This action is also an insult to women," Komal told reporters.
He said that the producers of the film had resorted to use of vulgar language to earn money. The complaint sought a case be registered for vulgarity. Those mentioned in the complaint include Rani Mukerji, actress Vidya Balan, other actors, the producers, the director and the script writer among others.

Company Is Dictating Pakistan Govt For Signing The Agreement On Its Own Conditions

Tethyan Copper has estimated the reserves of EL-5 of Ricko Dek yet while company had the exploration rights of EL-6 and EL 8 too. Company wants guaranties of the International guarantees before its agreement for the exploration expires, so that with this new agreement any hindrance may not occur or stay-order from the court may not be issued. At present all the necessary documents, statistics, feasibility report and agreement copies of the Ricko Dek Reserves are with the companies or in the hands of some high personalities of the Baluchistan government and nobody else has access to these. A worker of the company disclosed that $ 500 Billion are the estimate of 7 % of the exploration of EL-5 onlyRaza Kazim advocate said that this agreement is not clean there is some thing wrong because inclusion of some specific clauses and keeping all the documents secret means that thee is no transparency in this draft. Company has prepared the draft and wants to finalize it soon. He urged the people, media and politician to raise their voice against the agreement, otherwise nation will lose trillion of dollars. He further told that no other twelve leading companies of the world were contacted and neither tender were invited nor any consultant was contacted. The agreement is being signed with only one company. Raza Kazim added that before this an agreement was signed with other during 1993 company who sold the its rights to another company for $60 which again sold the rights to third company for $240. So instead of doing the exploration work companies started to sell the rights ahead for their benefit. This company may sell too the rights for which it has included the clause already in the agreement. The feasibility report that is composed of 23 volumes and summary consists of 3 volumes is kept secret. The supreme court is hearing the case.