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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dictatorship Era Is Going To End

President Hosni Mubarak sacked Egypt's government and vowed to bring in democratic and economic reforms, in a televised address early on Saturday after deadly anti-regime protests. "I have asked the government to resign and tomorrow there will be a new government," a stoney-faced Mubarak said after four days of protests demanding his resignation in which at least 27 people have been killed.
He vowed to pursue economic and political reforms.
"We will not backtrack on reforms. We will continue with new steps which will ensure the independence of the judiciary and its rulings, and more freedom for citizens," Mubarak said.
New steps will be taken "to contain unemployment, raise living standards, improve services and stand by the poor."
Mubarak, in power for three decades, vowed to bring in "new measures" for democracy and justice without giving any indication of other major changes, even as protests raged in Cairo and other cities despite a night-time curfew.
Whatever, Hosni Mubarak sad or think about bringing political reforms in hid governmental setup, but people do not seem satisfied with all this now. The situation is heading towards that of Tinsia, who president Zainul Abadeen had to flee out of country. There was no place in the world for him like Shah of Iran. His last hope was Saudi Arabia and got asylum there. Mubarak's future seems the same. The people are fed up with dictatorship and inherited rule in the country. It will be apparent what the people want with in few days.

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